Simplicity P1732E Snow Blower

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The Simplicity P1732E Snow Blower is the second most powerful snowblower that Simplicity make. Much more powerful than the likes of the Simplicity P1524E Snow Blower or even the Simplicity P1728E Snow Blower. The P1732E is powered by a Briggs and Stratton Professional series motor. This is a 4 stroke motor that provides the machine with 16.5 ft-lbs of torque. As it’s a 4 stroke motor, this means that the fuel and oil are mixed by the engine itself and you just need to add them separately to the engine.

The fuel tank on the Simplicity P1732E snowblower can hold up to 3.8 liters (1 US gallon) of gasoline. To start the machine you have a choice of 2 starting mechanisms. The first is to take the old fashioned pull cord, recoil starting system. While the second choice is to just plug the lawnmower into the mains electricity and simply press a button to start it. Power from the engine drives the P1732E forward by transferring to the wheels via a heavy duty friction disc drive transmission. This gives the snow thrower 5 gears when traveling forwards and only 2 for reversing. One of the best features about this large snowblower is it’s ‘Easy Turn’ steering. This allows it to make 180 degree hairpin turns by only allowing one wheel to turn while the other one is kept in a fixed position.

The tires on the Simplicity P1732E snow blower have a width of 0.17 m (6.5 inches) and are ‘X Trac’ giving you fantastic grip throughout operation, even it this is on particularly dangerous ice and compacted snow. You will also be pleased to know that this snowblower comes with heated hand grips making operation over many hours very comfortable. Even the best snow blowers have the problem of blockages in the chute, so it’s a good thing that this snowblower comes with a clearing out stick as standard

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