Simplicity P1524E Snow Blower

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The Simplicity P1524E Snow Blower is the smallest model from Simplicity’s Signatrue Pro Commercial Duty Dual Stage Snow Blower Series. With a clearing width of 0.61 m (24 inches) the P1524E is actually smaller than both the Simplicity L1528E Snow Blower and the Simplicity L1730E Snow Blower, but it is significantly bigger and more powerful that any of the Simplicity Compact Single Stage Snow Blowers. The engine powering the P1524E is Briggs and Stratton Professional series engine. It’s a 4 stroke which means that you never have to worry about mixing fuel, just add the oil and gasoline to the snow blower independently. The fuel tank on this snow thrower has a capacity to hold 3.8 liters (1 US gallon) of gasoline.

The transmission on the Simplicity P1524E snowblower gives it variable speed control and is housed in a extra strong cast iron transmission box. Luckily the P1524E uses Power Boost technology to make the snow blower operate much more efficiently. The Power Boost technology automatically detects how much power is needed to properly operate and clear the snow in front of it, taking a lot of the operator effort out of the equation.

The clearing width of the Simplicity P1524E snow blower comes in at 0.61 m (24 inches), while the height of the ‘bucket’ housing is 0.5 m (19.75 inches). The auger on this snowblower measures 0.36 m (14 inches) wide. It is made from serrated steel. This moves the snow towards the impeller which is made up of 4 steel blades. The impeller forces the snow through the chute and up to 12.2 m (40 feet) away from the clearing area. Even though this is the entry model for the Pro Commercial Duty 2 Stage snowblower, it will almost always be powerful enough for most snow removal jobs.

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