Simplicity I1224e Snow Blower

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The Simplicity I1224e Snow Blower is the largest model in the Simplicity range of intermediate dual stage snow blowers. The Simplicity I924e Snow Blower is the smallest model. This snow blower (I1224E) has many very interesting features. Similar to the I924e snowblower, the I1224E has an intake width of 0.61 m (24 inches) and a clearing height of 0.5 m (19.5 inches). This snow blower also comes with many optional extras. You can get drift cutters so that it can tackle much higher swathes of snow than usual. Crucially there is also the option of an engine block heater that makes starting the I1224E snow thrower on cold mornings and evenings very easy.

Other optional extras that come with the Simplicity I1224e snowblower include a snow cab and snow shield, allowing you to operate this snow blower with ease and protected from the elements. You also have the option of snow chains for the wheels to give you extra grip for when you are traveling over heavily compacted snow and ice. This snow blower weighs in at 79.8 kg (176 lbs) making it relatively light and easy to store away during the summer when not in use.

Simplicity stand firmly behind all their products and theĀ  Simplicity I1224e snow thrower is no exception. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty for all people purchasing it for individual use. If you are a contractor purchasing the I1224E for commercial use, this limited warranty will only cover you for 90 days. This model is a good choice for anyone with a medium to large driveway. However if you have a very small driveway, you may find that you are better off with a snowblower like one from the range of Simplicity Compact Single Stage Snow Blowers.

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