Simplicity Compact Single Stage Snow Blowers

There are 3 very similar Simplicity Compact Single Stage Snow Blowers. These are the Simplicity SS822E snowblower, the Simplicity SS822EX snow blower and the Simplicity SS922EX snow thrower. All three of these compact single stage snowblowers share many of the same common characteristics. Obviously all of them have an auger, but no impeller. All 3 snowblowers use a Briggs and Stratton designed and built Snow Series engine. Each snow blower has a gas tank that has a fuel capacity of 0.71 liters.

The clearing width of all 3 of these Simplicity compact single stage snowblowers measures in at 0.56 m (22 inches). They also all have the same intake height of 0.32 m (12.6 inches). Interestingly, the wheels on the the Simplicity SS822E snow blower, the Simplicity SS822EX snow thrower and the Simplicity SS922EX snow blower don’t actually provide any forward force. Instead each machine uses it’s rubber auger to pull it forward. As it rotates, it lightly grips the ground and pulls it forward. As a result, the auger is not made from serrated steel which would damage the clearing surface. Instead, it’s made from rubber. The diameter of this auger comes in at 0.25 m (10 inches).

The Briggs and Stratton engine used to power all 3 of these Simplicity compact single stage snow blowers is usually started via a push button electric starter system, but there is also a pull cord recoil system for back up. The chute that comes with all 3 snow blowers to channel the snow away from the clearing area is made from plastic. It can rotate through 200 degrees. At the very top of the chute is is a deflector that is hand operated. This gives the operator better control and more accuracy as to where they are sending snow. The Simplicity SS822EX snow blower, the Simplicity SS922EX snow thrower and the Simplicity SS822E snowblower are the smallest snow blowers available from Simplicity.

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2 Reviews of the “Simplicity Compact Single Stage Snow Blowers”

  1. Ozerimar says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Simplicity SS922EX snow blower made by Snapper. The SS must stand for super sport like the old muscle cars because this blower has alot of muscle. One foot of snow at 32 def F and goes thru it and throws it far without choking no problem. This machine will likely snap the cogged drive belt before the engine ever boggs down. Can’t get it to clog up. Does the heavy snow at the end of the drive way like a cinch. Blows away the toro power clear , mtd, cub cadet and even better than some 2 stage machines. Even tough it is expensive get it you wont regret it. Best single stage blower I have ever owned!
    Cons: None but heavier than most in its class.
    Attachments: Bright night lights and rotory adjustable chute no bending over. 110vac Electric start.

  2. Loren says:

    Overall I like the machine but I would not have purchased it had I noticed the placement of the scraper blade, it just never occurred to me to look at that.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: As a commercial user I have given this machine a stout work out in it’s first month of use. The engine and auger assembly has performed flawlessly.
    Cons: The one complaint I have is the durability of the scrapper bar. One month into service I have to replace it. In my opinion placing it on top of the leading edge of the auger housing is a significant flaw. As the scrapper wears down the auger housing metal under the scrapper blade is exposed to the surfaces below resulting in erosion and deformation of the metal. To avoid losing the serviceability of the housing the auger must be replaced frequently in a high use environment. They are not expensive but because the scraper is placed on top of the metal housing you must be diligent and check the scraper after each use or risk replacement of the auger housing prematurely
    Modifications: I have experimented with different scrape blades mounted under the auger housing but so far have not found a combination that works well.

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