New Holland 51CS Snow Blower

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The New Holland 51CS Snow Blower attachment is very similar to the New Holland 50CS Snow Blower. The only difference as you can probably guess is the clearing width. The clearing width of the 51 CS is 1 inch bigger that that of the 50CS. However it’s also quite a bit higher and heavier too. The 51 CS snow thrower has a clearing height of 0.56 m (22 inches) allowing it to tackle much deeper drifts when compared to it’s smaller bother.

The New Holland 51CS snow blower weighs in with a body weight of  209.6 kg (462 lbs). Once this is attached to the front of your New Holland tractor, you may find that you have lost a bit of traction on slippy, snow covered ground. To counteract this, you just need add some ballast to the back of the tractor. The serrated steel auger within the 51CS has a diameter of 0.36 m (14 inches) that easily makes mince meet of heavily compacted snow and ice. This snow is then sucked into the chute by a 0.46 m (18 inches) diameter impeller. The impeller is made up of 4 blades.

The chute on the New Holland 51CS Snow Blower is usually controlled manually, which can be a little annoying if it’s very cold outside. But you can optionally upgrade it to an electric or hydraulically controlled chute. This dual stage snow blower uses a quick attach system so that you can quickly get it up and running on a moments notice. This model also comes with the option of a drift cutter for when you are tackling down that is incredibly deep. You also have the option of purchasing the 51CS with a 3 part chute which allows you to more accurately control how the snow is discharged

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