McCulloch PM55 Dual Stage Snow Blower

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The McCulloch PM55 Dual Stage Snow Blower is a powerful piece of machinery that is capable of tackling most depths of snow. It is powered by a Briggs and Stratton Snow Series engine. This Snow Series engine needs to be started by a pull cord, recoil mechanism, which means that the operator will have to use a bit of muscle to get it going. Some people (especially those who live in very cold areas) opt for other snow blowers that have the option of an electric start for the simple reason that it takes a lot of effort and energy when it’s very cold to be constantly pulling the cord to get the engine going.

Power is transferred to the wheels of the McCulloch PM55 2 stage snowblower via a disc drive transmission. This means the PM 55 dual stage snow thrower has infinite gears going both forward and backwards. This makes for very efficient operation as the operator does not need to be constantly changing gears during operation to change it’s speed. He merely needs to just increase or lower the throttle.

The McCulloch PM55 dual stage snow blower has 2 main weapons for attacking snow. The first is it’s serrated steel auger. This is located within the housing of the snow blower that gives it a clearing width of 0.61 m (24 inches). Once the snow has been crushed up thoroughly by the auger, it is then fed towards the impeller. The impeller is is made from steel and has a diameter of 0.3 m (12 inches). This further chops up the snow and forces it out of the chute at high speeds. The chute is very flexible and capable of moving both up and down as well as to the left and right. It has a turning radius of 190 degrees. If you are looking for a smaller McCulloch snowblower, then check out the McCulloch MC621 Snow Blower.

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