McCulloch MC627ES Snow Blower

The McCulloch MC627ES Snow Blower is a powerful snow thrower that is powered by the same LCT ‘Storm Force’ engine as the McCulloch MC624ES Snow Blower is. This 0.21 liter, 4 stroke engine provides the machine with enough power to tackle even the most heavy snowfalls. It provides 9 ft-lbs of torque to the machine and has a fuel tank with a capacity to hold 1.9 liters (0.5 US gallons) of gasoline. This powerful engine is capable of throwing snow up to 12.2 m (40 feet) from the machine.

As the McCulloch MC627ES snowblower is a dual stage snowblower it very rarely gets blocked. Many single stage machines get regular blockages in their chutes because the auger simply can’t provide enough force to expel the snow properly. Luckily the MC627ES takes care of this problem. Once the snow is sent towards the chute, it is first met by an 3 bladed, steel impeller at the bottom of the chute. This gives the snow extra force when shooting it out. The chute itself has been constructed from steel, which means that it won’t bend or break easily, even when dealing with very heavy loads of snow.

At the top of the chute on the McCulloch MC627ES 2 stage snowblower is a deflector that gives the operator extra control as to where the snow is discharged to. Both the chute and the deflector are operated remotely from the operator station for convenience. You also have the option of purchasing drift cutters which allow you easily tackle snow that’s deeper than the MC 727 ES’s 0.58 m (23 inches) intake height. The clearing width of this machine is 0.69 m (27 inches) which is bigger than the likes of the McCulloch MC621 Snow Blower. You also have the option of using front weights on this snow thrower if you are tackling very compacted snow. These will weigh down the machine at the front and help it to better cut up and destroy the compacted snow and ice.

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One Review of the “McCulloch MC627ES Snow Blower”

  1. Dennis Folsom says:

    I bought this machine very late in the season (3/1/2011), after almost everyone was sold out. A nearby power equipment dealer had this one. I didn’t find out until after I bought that what’s left of McCulloch is a part of Husqvarna. It turns out that this machine is almost identical to the entry-level Husky model, except that this one has a 27″ auger, instead of 24″ on the Husky. Husky puts a larger engine, a better auger, and power steering on their 27″ model, but charges $250 more for it.

    So far, I have only run 1 tank of gas through it. I cleaned up some corners that were left by my snowplow guy after a wet snow that froze quite hard. I also broke off about 2 feet of width from a 5 foot high bank with my steel shovel, then blew the snow out. This probably would have been tough work for any walk-behind blower. I was pleased with the power it had. I never clogged the machine.

    My MC627ES has yellow paint on the auger housing, the impeller housing, and the frame. I think it looks better than the all black version pictured on the McCulloch website. The sticker on the blower says “Year 2010”. I don’t know, but that may mean it was actually made in 2009. Maybe that’s why it’s yellow.

    So far, I think I got a reasonable deal for $750 plus tax. If we get more snow in Readfield, Maine this year (it’s raining now), I’ll get a chance to evaluate it further, and may post an update.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Reasonable price. About the right size – big enough to do some work, yet light enough to maneuver.
    This 208 cc LCT engine has better power than I expected.
    The governor seems to work well. The engine responds with more grunt when you load it.
    Starts easy on pull cord. Electric start is a plus for cold starts (even if it’s not absolutely necessary).
    Cons: With no differential, the steering is stiff, especially on the garage floor. Maybe there is value to the “power steering” feature on some of the more expensive models.
    Auger looks a little lightweight, compared to some other models. We’ll see how it stands up over time.
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