McCulloch MC20V42YT

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The McCulloch MC20V42YT lawn tractor is a mid sized machine. The engine powering it is a gasoline model that produces 20 hp. It’s an Intek engine that is designed and built by Briggs and Stratton. This engine has a displacement of 0.54 liters. The 2 cylinder, 4 stroke engine comes with a 2 year limited warranty when you are first purchasing it. The engine is key started using a 12 volt battery. The engine uses a hydrostatic transmission. This means it’s an automatic with no gear changing required. It has a top speed of 8 kph (5 mph) going forwards and 4 kph (2.5 mph) in reverse.

The mower deck on the McCulloch MC20V42YT garden tractor lawnmower has a cutting width of 42 inches. This mower deck is made from stamped steel which means that it has very few connections which means there is far less likelihood of any failures during operation. The deck is made from 13 gauge steel. Inside the mower deck you will find 2 blades that work together to give a very even and smooth cut to your lawn. The mower deck is raised and lowered using a spring assisted lever from a high of 4 inches down to a low of 1.5 inches above the ground. The mower deck on the MC20 V42UT lawn mower is belt driven.

The front wheels on the McCulloch MC20V42YT are smaller, with a 15 inch diameter and a 6 inch width, while the rear tires are a bit bigger with a 20 inch diameter and an 8 inch width. The McCulloch 20hp, 42″ lawnmower comes with headlights as standard so that you can use it even when it’s not bright outside. The operators seat is comfortable and features a high back to make using it for long hours relatively easy. The fuel tank on this lawn mower can hold up to 9.5 liters (2.5 US gallons) of gasoline.

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