Massey Ferguson TO35

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The Massey Ferguson TO35 was manufactured and produced by MF before being superseded by the Massey Ferguson 35. The tractor itself is run on a choice of 2 different engines. The first is a gasoline, Continental Z134 engine that has 4 cylinders and a displacement of 2.4 liters and is liquid cooled. The battery for the Continental Z134 is 6 volts. The other choice you had when buying the tractor new is a Standard diesel engine, that has 4 cylinders and has a displacement of 2.3 liters. This engine is also liquid cooled. The battery required to start the Standard engine is 12 volts. The maximum power output either engine can generate is 33 hp. The engine power is then routed to the wheels via an unsynchronized transmission that gives the MF TO35 6 speeds going forward and 2 in reverse.

The MF TO35 has a maximum speed of 13.5 mph going forward, while in reverse it can manage 6.5 mph. The chassis on the Massey Ferguson TO 35 is a 4×2 2WD chassis and it uses a differential shoe brake system. When the tractor is operating normally it weighs 1402 kg (3093 lbs), but once it’s fully ballasted, it’s weight baloons to 2343 kg (5165 lbs), almost double it’s operating weight.

The Massey Ferguson TO 35 was a very popular tractor in it’s day and as a result it’s still popular today and is collected as an antique. You will see these tractors very regularly in use still to this day. However often you will see them with added attachments, such as rollbars for safety

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