Massey Ferguson 6480

The Massey Ferguson 6480 farm tractor is part of the highly versatile and powerful 6400 series of tractors from MF. The MF 6480 has been rolling off the assembly line since 2004 in France where this model is manufactured. It comes with a Perkins diesel engine as standard that uses a Wastegate turbocharger to give it extra power. This 6 cylinder, liquid cooled engine has a displacement of 6 liters and uses a dual paper air filter to make sure that the air intake is free from residue.The maximum power output from it’s Perkins engine is 124 hp.The engine has a choice of chassis. You can opt for either a 4×2 2WD chassis or a more robust 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis.

Power from the engine reaches the wheels via 1 of 2 gear boxes. The first is a Dyna 6 transmission that gives the tractor 24 speeds going forward and the same amount when it’s reversing. The other choice gives the MF 6480 32 gears when traveling forward and the same amount when it’s traveling in reverse. The fuel tank on the Massey Ferguson 6480 is capable of holding a maximum of 265 liters (70 US gallons) of diesel.

The Massey Ferguson 6480 uses either a category 2 or a category 3N, 3 point hitch for linking up with optional attachments such as balers and plows. This hitch has a maximum rear lift capacity of 4259 kg (9391 lbs).  The tractor also very handily has an optional front power take off (PTO) and hitch that has a maximum front lift capacity of 3175 kg (7000 lbs). The tractor uses a 120 amp alternator to charge it’s 12 volt battery for starting the engine. The shipping weight of the tractor varies depending on whether you choose the 4WD chassis, 5239 kg (11552 lbs) or the 2WD chassis, 5013 kg (11052 lbs). However once operational this weight increases to 5994 kg (13215 lbs) for the 4WD chassis and 5960 kg (13140 lbs) for the 2WD version. The tractor has a length (without attachments) of 4.49 m (177 inches) but this will increase depending on the (many) attachments that you are using with this tractor

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  1. says:

    The Massey 6480 is a great all round tractor, suitable for a wide range of farm tasks from transport work and haulage, to ploughing, cultivation, grassland work and baling.

    Nb. HP went up quite a bit to 145 hp as standard and at least 155hp with PTO boost on later models

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Reliability, Fuel Economy, Power to weight ratio, Driver comfort including cab quietness and smoothness of ride from the Quadlink front axle suspension, transmission with the excellent Dyna-6
    Cons: No longer in production ! Although you can buy a good used MF6480 at
    Attachments: Front linkage, MF965 loader
    Modifications: Twin beacons

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