Massey Ferguson 35X

The Massey Ferguson 35X is the last tractor in the Massey Ferguson 35 range. It first was available to buy new from 1957 to 1964 and was built and produced in Coventry in Great Britain.  The diesel engine that came with it is a Perkins A2.152 MK1. It’s a 3 cylinder engine with a power output of 44.5 hp and has a displacement of 2.5 liters. It’s liquid cooled via a cooling system that requires 10.2 liters of coolant. The engine requires 5.5 liters of oil to fully fill it and keep it properly lubricated during operation. The engine is started via a 12 volt battery.

The hitch at the rear of the tractor has a lifting capacity of 1134 kg (2500 lbs) which means that at the time it could happily accommodate most attachments. However nowadays, it can only handle a limited number due to the ever increasing weight of farm machinery attachments.

The total weight of the Massey Ferguson 35X is 1445 kg (3186 lbs) while it measures 2.97 m (117 inches) in length and is 1.63 m (64 inches) at it’s widest point. The fantastic thing about the Massey Ferguson 35x is that they were built to last. As a result, it’s helped to ensure that Massey Ferguson has become a household name among farmers almost as much as John Deere. But not only that, many farmers still use their MF 35X to this day. You will see them particular in South Africa where they were quite strongly marketed.

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