Massey Ferguson 30 Industrial Tractor

There are 2 very similar Massey Ferguson 30 tractors built around the same time. This one is going to cover the MF 30 commercial/industrial tractor (the Massey Ferguson 30 farm tractor is here). The commercial/industrial tractor was built from 1970 until 1976 by Massey Ferguson. It came with a choice of 2 engines. This first is a Perkins AD4-203 diesel engine. It has natural aspiration and 4 cylinders with a power output of 61 hp. It uses a liquid cooling system that needs 9.9 liters of coolant. The other engine is a Perkins AG4-212 gasoline engine. This also has 4 cylinders and natural aspiration, but has a slightly bigger displacement of 3.5 liters. It also has a liquid cooling system that needs 9.9 liters of coolant to be completely filled.

There is a choice of transmissions for the Massey Ferguson 30 commercial/industrial tractor. You can choose an 8 forward, 2 reverse transmission that gives the MF 30 a top speed of 15.5 mph. Or there is a manual shuttle transmission that gives the tractor 6 forward gears and 6 in reverse to with a maximum speed of 19.2 mph. The third choice for transmission is a torque converter transmission that gives the tractor 4 speeds going forward and 4 speeds also when traveling in reverse. This transmission gives the tractor a top speed of 20.2 mph in both forward and reverse!

The fuel tank on the Massey Ferguson 30 commercial/industrial tractor can hold 70 liters (18.5 US gallons) of fuel. It’s hydraulic system requires 22.7 liters (6 US gallons) of hydraulic fluid to properly fill it from empty. The MF 30 commercial/industrial tractor has a shipping weight of 1916 kg (4225 lbs) and measures 3.25 m (128 inches) long without any attachments. It’s widest point is 2.07 m (81.88 inches) wide. It’s not used on farms, so it has a pretty low ground clearance of just 0.3 m (12 inches). The Massey Ferguson 30 commercial/industrial tractor also has a number of implements that are compatible with it. These are the Massey Ferguson 32 and Massey Ferguson 34 front end loaders and the Massey Ferguson 54 and 54S backhoes.

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