Massey Ferguson 20

The Massey Ferguson 20 is an industrial tractor from the team at MF. The tractor is powered by a choice of 2 engines; one diesel, the other gasoline. The diesel engine is a natural aspiration, 3 cylinder engine designed and built by Perkins. This engine has a displacement of 2.5 liters and is liquid cooled, requiring 9.5 liters of coolant. The gasoline engine is also a natural aspiration, 3 cylinder engine from Perkins that has an engine size of 2.5 liters and is liquid cooled. Both engines use a dry type air filter. The engine sits on a 4×2 2WD chassis.

There is a choice of 2 transmissions on the Massey Ferguson 20. The first is a manual shuttle, that gives the tractor 6 gears going forward and 2 in reverse. The oil capacity of this transmission is 30.3 liters. The other transmission gives the MF 20 8 speeds going forward and 2 in reverse. This transmission also requires 30.3 liters of oil to stay properly lubricated. The 8 speed transmission gives the tractor a top speed of 18.8 mph, while the while the manual shuttle gives it a higher top speed of 21.3 mph while it’s also incredibly fast in reverse, topping out at 19.3 mph.

The Massey Ferguson 20 has a wheelbase of 1.9 m (75 inches) and measures 2.89 m (114 inches) long. The weight of the MF 20 varies from 1415 kg (3120 lbs) if it is the gasoline powered engine with 8 speed transmission to a slightly heavier 1433kg (3160 lbs) for the gasoline power engine with the manual shuttle transmission. If the tractor is using the diesel powered engine, then the tractor weighs 1481 kg (3265 lbs). As the Massey Ferguson 20 isn’t used in agriculture it has a low ground clearance of 0.38 m (15 inches). When you were buying this commercial tractor off the production line, you could get it with an open operator station or optionally with a 2 or 4 post roll bar protection system. The MF 20 can be easily distinguished as it is painted completely yellow as opposed to the usual red you find on Massey Fergusons.

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