Massey Ferguson 175

The Massey Ferguson 175 tractor is the tractor that took over from the very popular Massey Ferguson 165, when it’s finished it’s production run. The MF 175 was another highly popular and successful tractor from the Massey Ferguson team. It’s production run lasted a full 11 years from 1964 until production finished up in 1975 when the Massey Ferguson 275 took over. When you were originally buying the tractor you had a choice of which engine you wanted in it. You could go for the Perkins A4.236 diesel engine. This is a 4 cylinder engine with an engine size of 3.9 liters. The engine was liquid cooled. The other engine choice you had was a Perkins AG4.236 gasoline engine. This was also a 4 cylinder engine with a displacement of 3.9 liters and was liquid cooled. The engine sits on a 4×2 2WD chassis.

There was a choice of transmissions on the Massey Ferguson 175. You could get the earlier models with 6 forward speeds and 2 in reverse or using a Multi Power transmission that has 12 gears going forward and 4 in reverse. The 6 forward speed/2 reverse speed transmission was eventually replaced by an 8 forward gear, 2 reverse gear transmission.

The Massey Ferguson 175 has a category 2, 3 point hitch with a maximum lifting capacity of 1528 kg (3370 lbs). The operating weight of the MF 175 is 2687 kg (5925 lbs) for the gasoline power engine, while the diesel powered engine gives it a weight of 2778 kg (6125 lbs). The maximum safe weight of the Massey Ferguson 175 with ballast is 4334 kg (9555 lbs).

The width of the tractor is 1.84 m (72.8 inches) while it measures 3.5 m (138 inches) long. The wheelbase measures 2.08 m (81.9 inches). The MF 175 did not come with a roll bar as standard, so many farmers welded one on themselves. This tractor was truly well liked by almost all who used it and still remains popular with farmers today. They are such a good tractor, that you may often see farmers actually using them on their land (not just keeping it as a showpiece).

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2 Reviews of the “Massey Ferguson 175”

  1. steven mcguire says:

    while they lack many refinements of todays moderntractors(no cupholder)and no USB,aproply maintained mf175 is alot of tractor for an average used price of under 6500 as repair costs go it will always cost lessthan a green tractor, and a successful farmer is is a great small farm tractor .and properlly painted with flags flying they are hard to beat in a parade….

    Year of Manufacture: 1973
    Pros: can be used as a small tractor,to plow snow or cultivate or as a large tractor to bale hay with a kicker baler and wagon, very versitle in use the diesel model is very cost efeive to operate ,handles long periods of inactivety without requireing repairs when shed stored. center line of hood is centerline of hitch,for those of us that plant without G PS lights on fenders allows field work at night
    Cons: like most older diesels ,likes to be plugged in below 50 f,DId not come with r.o.p.s. or seatbelt ,glow plugs where not an option , ,suffers from old tractor syndrom (front end ‘shakes’at road speed)
    Attachments: can use almost any piece of farm equipment as long as its not over sized 12 forward speeds lets you plow,fit,plant,spray,pick,harvest ,spread and hual it to the barn .it pulls four bottom 14′ plows,10ft discs
    Modifications: the original muffler was an ungodly tall thing that keep it out of most equipment sheds this is an expensive mistake when the muffler wears out use your head,get it in the shed…if its a parade tractor its already got a special place

  2. wendy mcmullen says:

    It was purchased soley as an irrigation pump – but spends most of its life with the wood splitter on the back and taking round bales out around the farm – good strong motor though for irrigating

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Starts okay
    Repowered with a 180 truck motor
    Great Front End loader/forks
    Cons: Power steering pump stuffed
    Need 1/2 and acre to turn it
    Seat – not very comfortable
    Terrible tractor to get on and off – have found myself hanging by the clutch pedal when the trouser leg got caught (lol)
    Attachments: Front End Loader
    Modifications: Two stainless steel steps to help short ‘A’s like myself up into the seat

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