Massey Ferguson 1507 Snow Blower

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The Massey Ferguson 1507 snow blower is a part of the very small offering of snow blowers from MF that include the Massey Ferguson 1410 snow blower and the Massey Ferguson 2360 snow blower. This snow blower is the biggest snow blower offered by the team at MF. It has a very massive clearing width of 1.83 m (72 inches). As a result, you will often see this model being almost exclusively used by large contractors to clear roads and car parks. The clearing height of the MF 1507 comes in at 0.66 m (26 inches) allowing it to tackle pretty much any depth of snow, even if it’s highly compacted.

The Massey Ferguson 1507 snowblower gets it’s power from a mid PTO. It’s a dual stage snow blower and so has an auger that first breaks up the snow in front of it into smaller chucks and also directs the snow towards the middle of the ‘bucket’. The impeller then sucks it up the chute, spitting it out at high speed. Both the auger and impeller are made from high strength steel so that debris entering the snow blower does not damage them.

The chute is rotated hydraulically, meaning the driver never needs to leave the cab when operating the Massey Ferguson 1507 snow blower. You can also purchase an optional electric deflector chute control system that controls the direction of expelled snow even more accurately. The MF 1507 also uses skid shoes to help reduce damage to the snow thrower ‘bucket’. The cutting edge is also replaceable, making maintenance of the 1507 very easy indeed.

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