Kubota ZG327

The Kubota ZG327 zero turn lawnmower is one of the more powerful models in the Z Series from Kubota that also include the Kubota ZD331. If you are looking for something that’s not so powerful, then you may be interested in the Kubota ZD323 or the Kubota ZD326 lawnmowers. There are actually 2 variations of the ZG 327, that differ only very slightly; these are the Kubota ZG327P-60 and the Kubota ZG327RP-60 lawnmowers. Both have a mower deck with a 60 inch cutting width that house 3 small blades. The mower is prevented from scraping or scalping the ground it’s traveling over thanks to small anti-scalping wheels located on the leading edge and trailing edge of the mower deck. The mower deck can be raised as high as 5 inches above the ground and lowered to as low as 1 inch above the ground in small 0.25 inch increments.

The Kubota ZG327 zero turn lawn mower gets it’s power from a 27 hp engine that’s fueled by gasoline. This air cooled, 2 cylinder engine has a displacement of 0.768 liters. The air intake is first purified through a heavy duty canister air filter which removes particulate matter before it enters into the engine and mixes with fuel. The engine on the ZG 327 is started by a 12 volt battery that supplies 285 cold cranking amps to the engine. The battery is then recharged by a 13.4 amp alternator.

The Kubota ZG327 lawnmower uses a 2-HST hydrostatic transmission that make it an automatic. Speed and direction of the ZG-327 is controlled by the lap bars in front of the operator. This means that you never have to worry about a steering wheel or foot pedals. Braking is achieved via foot pedal operated wet disk brakes. If you have ever owned or operated this lawn mower, then please feel free to leave review below describing what you liked and what you disliked about it.

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3 Reviews of the “Kubota ZG327”

  1. Tim Pearson says:

    Good on fuel, fast cutter. Fun to drive. Maneuverable.

    Year of Manufacture: 2016
    Pros: I would say the zg327 is good, almost really good.
    Cons: The petrol engine is noisy so you need earplugs. It starts rough and you don’t know when to turn off the choke. The engine isn’t smooth and vibrates through the handle levers into your hands. When you raise the blades it makes a huge clunk when you hit the top. The transmission makes whiney noises when you turn around with the levers. Also the key tag gets in the way of the blade engage lever. It doesn’t have an engine temp gauge or a fuel sensor on the right tank. I don’t like the park brake. The floor mat gets dirt in it. The pulley covers aren’t adequate it needs a complete cover from grass clippings. The undercarriage isn’t
    sealed up, there are heaps of pockets where grass gets stuck, which either corrodes the paint or is a fire risk.

  2. Gary Helms says:

    We have had this mower for going on seven years and other than a new battery this machine has served us very well. We mow about 7 acres at least once each week and of course more often in the spring. We have used it many times to mow two of our children’s lawns, each two acres, when their less reliable mowers break down.

    We are careful to maintain the machine changing oil and fluids at proper times and of course greasing. We are still using original blades but have had to sharpen twice and have already purchased new ones to begin the next season with.

    Floor mat still in good shape and seat has no tears and maintaines it’s integrity.

    The paint still shines. We wash sparingly but do give it a good coat of wax each fall before storage. Mower always garage kept.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Reliable, Durable, Driveability, Comfort, Powerful. Great fuel storage, Able to mow close to objects,
    Cons: Cost
    Attachments: Only te mower deck.
    Modifications: None

  3. JEAN WALKER says:


    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: POWER
    Cons: HANDLING
    Attachments: WORK LIGHTS
    Modifications: NONE

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