Kubota ZD321

The Kubota ZD321 zero turn lawnmower is the least powerful in the Kubota Z Series of zero turn lawn mowers. The engine powering it is designed an built in house by Kubota themselves. It’s a Kubota D782-E3-ZD diesel engine. This 3 cylinder engine has a displacement of 0.778 liters. The engine produces just 21 hp and is keystarted. Power from the engine gets to the wheels through a Kubota manufactured HST hydrostatic transmission. This transmission allows the ZD 321 to achieve a top speed of 15 kph (9.3 mph) going forwards and 8.3 kph (5.2 mph) when reversing. Similar, but slightly more powerful models to this one include the Kubota ZD323 and the Kubota ZD326 zero turn lawnmowers.

The mower deck on the Kubota ZD321 is made from fabricated steel and has a cutting width of 54 inches. This mower deck has a depth of 6 inches which means that it can handle very long grass. The cutting deck consists of 3 blades powered by a multi belt system. Located on both the leading edge and trailing edge of the mower deck is a number of anti scalp wheels which help to always keep the deck above the ground and prevent it from scraping it. The deck on the ZD 321 can be raised and lowered from a high of 5 inches above the ground to a low of 1 inch above the ground in small 0.25 inch increments.

The fuel tank on the Kubota ZD321 has a capacity to hold up to 49 liters (12.9 US gallons) of diesel allowing for very long operating times between refills. The engine on the ZD-321 is started by a 12 volt battery that supplies 450 cold cranking amps. This battery is then recharged by a 14 amp alternator once the engine is ticking over. If you own one of these zero turn lawnmowers then please feel free to leave a review below making sure to indicate everything you like and don’t like about it.

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