Kubota T80 Snow Blower

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The Kubota T80 snow blower is also known as the Kubota T2724 snowblower. This snowblower model has been specifically designed to be compatible with the Kubota T80 series of garden tractor lawn mowers. The snowblower has a clearing mouth that is 1.07 m (42 inches) wide which is more than enough for clearing most driveways. Probably the most important thing about this snow thrower is that it comes with skid shoes that are completely adjustable and make operating it on any surface very easy indeed.

The Kubota T80 snowblower is a dual stage snow blower (sometimes called a 2 stage snow blower). This means that as well as having a strong auger to break up the snow, it also has an impeller blade that helps to shoot the snow out through the chute. The chute itself is controlled electronically which means that the operator never needs to leave his seat at all. This refers to both chute rotation and the chute deflector. The T80 snow thrower (also known as the Kubota T2724 snowblower) is belt powered meaning that you will need to remove the mower deck from the lawn mower first to operate the snow blower.

Sometimes you may find that this machine is not performing to the best of it’s ability. This is usually because the lawn mower it’s attached to cannot properly grip the ground it’s driving over. To combat this, you should consider tire chains, adding ballast to the lawn mower or a combination of both. The Kubota T80 snow blower is probably the most popular snow thrower model among small home owners. However, if you are searching for something a bit bigger, then consider the Kubota F80 snow blower or the Kubota GR10 snow blower.

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