Kubota T1880

The Kubota T1880 garden tractor lawn mower is the least powerful of the 3 garden tractors in the T series from Kubota. The other 2, the Kubota T2080 and the Kubota T2380 lawn mowers are both considerably more powerful. The engine powering the T 1880 is a GH540V. This is a single cylinder engine with a total displacement of 0.535 liters. The overhead valve engine is air cooled and produces 18 hp powering both the wheels and mower deck. The engine is started by a 12 volt battery. Thankfully the engine transfers power to the wheels via a hydrostatic transmission which means no annoying gear changing.

The Kubota T1880 lawn mower has a 42 inch mower deck. This mower deck houses 2 blades. The mower deck operates at a maximum height of 4 inches above the ground and a minimum height of 1 inch above the ground. The cutting height of the mower deck is adjusted via a dial gauge. The total width of the T1880 with the 42 inch deck attached to it comes to 54.8 inches. This extra width is due to the discharge chute being located at the side of the mower deck. The total weight of the machine with the deck attached comes to 280 kg (617 lbs).

The Kubota T1880 can also accommodate a very large bagger attachment at the rear, behind the driver. It consists of 2 removable bags as well as a chute that attaches to the mower deck which directs grass into the bags. The T 1880 is a very good quality machine that is useful around any garden that is 0.5 to 5 acres in size. If you currently own or have in the past owned/operated this lawnmower, then please leave a review below. Try to include as much detail as possible so that people get a good idea as to whether or not they should consider buying/using one.

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2 Reviews of the “Kubota T1880”

  1. John Ridgley says:

    Very Very Bad

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: .very good at mulching leaves.
    Cons: I have never owned a worse mower. I have had trouble with it from the start. I had to have the dealer pick it up from my house on several occasions when it was brand new. It would not start. I would pick it up after they said it was repaired and bring it home. It still wouldn’t start. Sometimes I will be mowing along and it just quits running. I restart it and when I try to engage the PTO it will kill the engine. I have taken the safety switch for the PTO off , worked it up and down and replaced it. At this time the mower is sitting in my shop and will not mow.
    I took it to a private individual who has a mower shop last October and he finally fixed it where it will start. I paid $3000 for this machine, about twice as much as I would have had to pay for a comparable mower

  2. Randy Stewart says:

    I have had it about month 1/2 and mowed my yard I ran a tank and half of gas through it.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: I like the way the mower handles and rides. It is well balanced. I like the way the blades adjust.
    Cons: I do not like the way it cuts thick grass it will not cut it off you can go over it two or three times. I was just had higher expectation than It is giving me. I had a Husky 42” an it did just as good. But my dealer is looking in to it so maybe he will come up with something. I also had to take it back a wire was had gotten on the head and shorted out. Looked like they pulled it to tight when it was assembled.

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