Kubota SVL90

The Kubota SVL90 compact track loader is not what you would usually expect from the team at Kubota. It’s not a tractor but instead a compact track loader that you will regularly see on building sites, used to move small amounts of material around quickly. You will also often see it in big farms for moving feed. The SVL 90 uses a V3800-DI-TE3 diesel engine to power both the loader and the tracks. This engine, which is built and designed by Kubota themselves, has a displacement of 3.769 liters and is a 4 cylinder model. The engine is turbocharged and pumps out 90 hp (which you could have hopefully guessed from the name).

Power from the engine on the Kubota SVL90 compact track loader gets to the tracks through a hydrostatic transmission that operates over both a Hi and a Lo range. This gearbox gives it a top speed of 8 kph (5 mph) in Lo gear, while in Hi gear, it has a top speed of 11.7 kph (10.3 mph). The tracks on the SVL 90 are powered by 5 rollers on each side. The engine also powers the hydraulics system on the SVL90 loader. This hydraulics system is very powerful, with a flow rate of 94.9 l/min (25.1 US gallons per minute). The hydraulic pressure that the loader system operates under is 250 bar (3555psi).

The bucket on the Kubota SVL90 has a total width of 2.03 m (80 inches). The SVL90 has a tipping load of 3900 kg (8600 lbs). The loader has a maximum lifting capacity of 2662 kg (5869 lbs). If you are in need of a small and compact machine that will constantly be in use moving and carrying fairly large loads, the you should consider this compact track loader. However, if you have a number of different jobs that need to be done on your farm like digging, lifting and carrying, then you should consider a utility tractor instead. The Kubota SVL75 is a smaller, less powerful model than this one.

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