Kubota SVL75

The Kubota SVL75 compact track loader is the smaller, less powerful model in the Kubota SVL series. The larger, more powerful model is the Kubota SVL90 loader. The engine that powers the SVL 75 loader is a V3307-DI-TE3. This diesel engine is very powerful with a max output of 74.3 hp. The 4 cylinder engine is turbo charged and has a displacement of 3.331 liters. This engine is designed specifically for providing power to the loader. As such it’s not particularly fast despite it’s impressive horsepower. The maximum speed of this compact loader comes to 11.5 kph (7.1 mph) in Hi gear, while in Lo gear it’s top speed is 7.5 kph (4.7 mph).

The engine gets it’s fuel from a tank that can hold up to 93 liters (24.6 US gallons) of diesel. The hydraulics system is powered by the engine. This hydraulics system is what powers the loader. The loader has a flow rate 71.2 l/m (18.8 US gallons per minute). The tipping load on the Kubota SVL75 compact track loader is 2980 kg (6570 lbs). The bucket part of the machine has a breakout force of 2814 kg (6204 lbs). The lifting arm has a breakout force of 2162 kg (4766 lbs). In total, the loader has a maximum lifting weight of 2214 kg (4881 lbs).

The track of the Kubota SVL75 on the ground has a total length of 1.44 m (56.5 inches). The length of the machine itself comes in at 2.77m (109 inches) without a bucket attached, while with the bucket attached, it measures, 3.58 m (141 inches). The height of the machine from the ground to the top of the cab measures 2.08 m (82 inches). The bucket itself has a width of 1.73 m (68 inches). The SVL 75 track loader is a quality machine that is incredibly useful on any building site that has a lot of loose material that needs to be transported.

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One Review of the “Kubota SVL75”

  1. Ron Cook says:

    Have used in for about as wild of uses as possible, except never with anything hammer like.
    Has just over 900 hours on it & I’m 78, so you know it is not pounded every day like it might on construction sites.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Having owned Bobcats and NH machines before this SVL75. I can say it is head & shoulders ahead in almost every sense. The cab is so far ahead of it competitors as to be of no comparison. Access is great. Power is as expected along with hydraulics, etc.!
    Cons: The ONLY thing against this machine is its transmission drive. Loved my BC SJC controlled trans and was told this was equal. It is NOT in any sense of the word. For most jobs it is probably adequate but for tight work–load/unload side by side pallets in China boxes, operating 6′ hd mower in mtn. conditions, etc., it is a killer on left arm/hand. In steep & uneven conditions one cannot maintain even speed, one track will spin & other not move, etc. Why Kubota cannot build a tranny that will maintain a set speed, except top speed, is beyond me, and they know it. If they would solve that problem at a reasonable price, they could kill the competition!!!!!!!
    Attachments: 84″ bucket, 80″ clamshell, 72″ Grapple, 72″ HD mower, 48″ forks, convertible 3 pt. and hitch head, etc.
    Modifications: none

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