Kubota M7040SU

The Kubota M7040SU special utility tractor is remarkably similar to the Kubota M5640SU tractor. However there is one big difference. This is the power of the 2 tractors. The M5640SU has only 56 hp to play around with, while the M7040SU has 68 hp. This 68 hp engine is a E-CDIS type that uses direct injection which makes starting it on cold mornings easier. The diesel engine is kept from getting too hot through a liquid cooling system. This system utilizes natural aspiration and has an engine size of 3.331 liters. The 4 cylinder engine is started with a 12 volt battery. This battery then gets recharged by a 45 amp alternator after the engine has been turned on.

The Kubota M7040SU is fairly easy to control due to it’s hydrostatic power steering, differential lock and mechanical multi plate wet disk brakes. The engine powers the hydraulics system that has a pump capacity for the 3 point hitch of 41.6 liters per minute (11 US gallons/min). This 3 point hitch has a maximum lifting capacity of 1500 kg (3310 lbs). When buying the M 7040 SU brand new, you have the choice of getting it with either a category 1 or category 2, 3 point hitch. Unfortunately this tractor does not come with option of a cab. Instead it comes with an open operator station which is not ideal for people who have very cold winters. It comes with a roll bar (ROPS) as standard.

The E-CDIS engine on the Kubota M7040SU transfers power to the wheels by first passing power through a gear shift gearbox. This transmission gives the tractor 8 forward speeds and 4 for reversing. Gears are changed using a dry single plate clutch. The M7040SU has the option of a front loader. There is also a variant of this tractor called the Kubota M7040SUH. Please leave a review below on this tractor, letting people know what you liked or even disliked about it. Make sure to also mention any attachments or implements that you use with it.

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One Review of the “Kubota M7040SU”

  1. Ronald Garrett says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Handles well, starts instnatly in any temp above 32 degrees. Glo plug kicks in below that for fast start. Plenaty of power. My model is turbo charged at 71 hp. Very strong. I use it ti gather hay, {disc cutter, fluffer, rake, baler}. Hydraulic shuttle makes for fast easy operation.
    Cons: Parking brake needed adjusting after ten hours operation.
    Attachments: Disc cutter, fluffer, rake,square baler, round baler, disc harrow, box scraper, sprayer, bush hog.

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