Kubota L245

The Kubota L245 tractor enjoyed a 9 year production run from 1976 when it was built by Kubota in it’s Japanese assembly plant until it stopped being manufactured in 1985. As well as the regular L245, the are also 2 variants, the Kubota L245DT which is the same as the regular L245 tractor except that it’s built on a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis. The high clearance model is known as the Kubota L245HC. All 3 tractors are powered by a Kubota built engine. This is the DH1101 diesel model. It’s a 3 cylinder engine with a displacement of 1.1 liters. This gives it a power output of 25 hp. The engine is liquid cooled with a cooling system that needs 6.6 liters of coolant to fill it from an empty state. The oil capacity of the engine stands at 4.9 liters. The air intake passes through a paper element air filter to cleanse it of any impurities before it enters the combustion chamber. The engine is started by a 12 volt battery.

The 25 hp is routed to the wheels via a transmission that gives the Kubota L245 8 gears when traveling forward and 2 gears in reverse. The transmission box is controlled via a dry plate clutch and needs to be filled with 33 liters of oil to be filled fully. As this tractor is from an older generation it comes with a open operator station. If you want a cab then you would either have to adapt one from another model or try to build one yourself. It’s so old that at the time the roll bar (ROPS) was optional.

The wheelbase of the L245 is 1.55 m (61.2 inches) for the 4WD version (Kubota L245DT) while the 2WD version has a wheelbase of 1.6 m (63 inches). The maximum safe ballasted weight that the tractor can operate under is 1720 kg (3792 lbs). When it’s operating normally, the 2WD version weighs in at 996 kg (2196 lbs) while the 4WD version, the Kubota L245DT weighs in at 1080 kg (2383 lbs).

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2 Reviews of the “Kubota L245”

  1. racerdave17 says:

    Use tractor primarily for mowing 7 acres, live in hilly terrain and tractor performs adequately for most parts. Can’t let grass get too high on the hills or will have a hard time pulling the hill and mowing at same time. Use the grade box just to smooth gravel drive again it can’t handle too much load, but that’s to be expected. Overall very pleased with a 30+ year old tractor. It’s been a good deal for the money.

    Year of Manufacture: 1979
    Pros: Easy to maneuver, good brakes, low fuel consumption, and very dependable.
    Cons: Power steering would be a plus, gear ratios (too low of ratio’s), little lacking of power but that could be because of age, needs a little more torque.
    Attachments: 5′ bush hog and grade box.
    Modifications: Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) purchased from Kubota at a very reasonable price (would suggest if tractor does not have one go and get one, I believe in was less than $200).

  2. steve says:

    small horse farm,trail cutting, general moving crap around. Will overheat when cutting, but keepinp radiator screen clean solves prob.

    Year of Manufacture: 1981
    Pros: tough lil bugger, works harder than neighbors new 45 hp massey, owned for 10 yrs now, only costs are fuel and oil.
    Cons: still looking
    Attachments: loader.brush hog.box scraper back blade.
    Modifications: none

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