Kubota KX41

The Kubota KX41 digger is powered by a Kubota engineered and built D902-E3 engine. This diesel engine has a maximum power output of 12.7 hp from it’s 0.9 liter engine. The digger measures 3.66 m (12 feet) long and is 1.3 m (4 feet, 3 inches) wide. It’s total height to the top of the canopy is 2.28 m (7 feet, 6 inches). The KX41 uses a hydraulic system that gives it’s bucket a maximum breakout force for the bucket of 1590 kg (3505 lbs). The maximum breakout force for the digger arm is 793 kg (1748 lbs).

The length of the crawlers of the Kubota KX41 is 1.59 m (63 inches) which allow it to travel at 2.6 mph (4.1 kph) in high gear while in low gear, it can travel at 1.5 mph (2.3 kph). The width of the shoe on the KX 41 digger is 0.23 m (9 inches). The oil reservoir can hold up to 27 liters (7.1 US gallons) of hydraulic fluid. The overall operating weight of the digger comes to 1675 kg (3693 lbs).

As the digger is not particularly massive it uses rubber, not steel tracks. The Kubota KX41 comes with a canopy as standard which has a ROPS (roll cage) built in. The maximum digging height of this digger is 3.56 m (140 inches), while it’s dumping height has a maximum height of 2.47 m (97 inches). The digging radius of the digger is 3.93 m (156 inches). This digger is very often seen on smaller residential jobs doing everything from digging foundations for extensions to minor landscaping jobs. If you are looking for a small, mobile digger, that won’t completely destroy you lawn then you should definitely think about this one from Kubota.

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