Kubota KX121

The Kubota KX121 mini digger is a popular model of digger from Kubota. There are actually 2 very slightly different variations of the KX 121. The first is the Kubota KX121-2 mini digger, which has a 42 hp engine, metal tracks and a 30 inch wide bucket, while the Kubota 121-3 mini digger is a slightly more modern upgrade of the ‘2’. The newer KX121 is a much bigger model in the KX line that includes the Kubota KX41 digger. The K121-3 features a Tier 4, Kubota V2203-M-E3 diesel engine. This engine produces a maximum power output of 40.2hp and is 2.2 liters in size.

The bucket on the Kubota KX121-3 has a maximum breakout force of 3970 kg (8754 lbs) while the arm has a max breakout force that’s a little lower at 1790 kg (3948 lbs). As it’s a digger, you won’t find this machine speeding down the highway, it has a maximum speed of 5 kph (3.1 mph) in high gear, while in low gear it has a max speed of 2.7 mph (1.7 kph). The length of the crawler come in at 2.18 m (86 inches).

The blade on the Kubota KX121-3 mini digger has a width of 1.8 m (71 inches) and a height of 0.39 m (15 inches). The hydraulic system on the digger holds a total of 75 liters (19.8 US gallons) of hydraulic fluid, while the reservoir holds 46 liters (12 US gallons) of hydraulic fluid. The fuel tank has a capacity to hold 64 liters (16.9 US gallons) of diesel. One of the advantages of the digger is that it uses an auto idling system to improve fuel efficiency, so that if you need to constantly leave the cab, the engine will automatically lower it’s rpm to conserve fuel. This Kubota digger also incorporates Kubota’s counter balancing technology to make sure that it remains stable even when operating on uneven or loose surfaces.

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