Kubota GR2100

The Kubota GR2100 ride on lawn mower is a modern garden tractor lawnmower that’s powered by a Kubota designed and manufactured D782 engine. This diesel engine is prevented from overheating by using a water filled cooling system. It’s a 3 cylinder engine with a displacement of 0.778 liters and has a max power output of 21 hp. This powers the wheels of the GR2100 lawnmower through a hydrostatic transmission that gives it an infinite number of gears when traveling forward and an infinite number of gears when traveling in reverse all controlled by a single foot pedal. The engine fortunately sits on a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis which gives it fantastic control, especially when it need to work in damp weather.

The Kubota GR2100 has a max speed going forward of 16.1 kph (10 mph), while in reverse it can mange only 8 kph (5 mph). The mower deck that comes with the GR2100 as standard measures 1.22 M (48 inches) wide. The mower deck is lifted and lowered using a hydraulic lifting system. The total number of blades on the cutting deck is 3. The cutting height of the mowing deck can be adjusted from 25 mm up to 102 mm.

The total length of the Kubota GR2100 with the bagger attached is 2.88 m (113.4 inches). It is 1.28 m (50.4 inches) wide and has a wheelbase of 1.28 m (50.4 inches) and it has a height that measures 1.23 m (48.4 inches). The GR2100 does not come with a roll bar. This is probably due to the fact that it’s relatively wide compared to it’s length and it has a low center of gravity as well as not being as heavy as most compact tractors. The lawn mower weighs in at 430 kg (948 lbs). This mower uses Kubota’s ‘Glide Steer’ steering system which enables it to turn much more sharply when compared to similar garden tractor lawnmower of this size. This makes the Kubota GR2100 sit on lawn mower very handy even in gardens that have many small nooks and other patches of grass that are usually difficult to get to.

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4 Reviews of the “Kubota GR2100”

  1. Wesley Kicker says:

    Very good experience. However considering the comments on this site I’m thinking about trading for a John Deere before I have major and expensive repairs that cost more than it is worth.

    Year of Manufacture: 2007
    Pros: Great steering with super tight turns. Comfortable rider. Engine is a very proven model. Hydrostatic transmission is strong even on hills. Thick steel mower deck with large jack shafts. Easy to service all fluids and to grease. Blades are heavy duty and very thick. Fuel consumption is very low giving it the best fuel efficiency of any mower I’ve ever owned. Tires are long lasting and maintenance free except for the usual inflation requirements.
    Cons: Hood is a piece of junk. Completely shakes apart into pieces. I used Aviation Safety Wire to tie it together and added rubber hood latches to minimize shaking. Replaced 2 Glide Steering Cables inside of first two years. No help from local dealer on how go replace them or adjust them. Finally guessed at adjustment and they work okay. Brake pedal very aggravating. Locks or stuck in place when you apply it. Takes a real hard push to work and then you slam on brakes unintentionally. Finally got new pedal from dealer and replaced. No improvement. Put old pedal back on and got it to work sometimes. Told dealer to expect law suits eventually. Not from me but within Kubota Corporation. He just chuckled as I made my way out the door. Spring of 2015 it had 280 hours on Hobbs meter. Personally serviced myself. Easy 1.5 acres to cut.
    Attachments: mower deck.
    Modifications: None.

  2. Damon says:

    Worst mower ever owned.
    Only about 280 hrs on this $8k plus lawnmower and it spent over 8 mos in the shop during mowing seasons (one year it was in over 3 mos of the season) before I took a beating and got rid of it.

    Year of Manufacture: 2006
    Pros: mows fast and smooth when it works
    Cons: Transmission, drive system.

  3. Mark Lyerly says:

    Reliable, solid construction. Mows handsomely even those is does not “manicure” the lawn as well as other mowers. It would be nice to have an actual brake pedal (would give me more confidence when my sons are mowing on inclines)

    Year of Manufacture: 2007
    Pros: A real work horse. Fuel efficient. 4WD pulls up hills well even with a 250lb+ rider. Hard to bog the engine and blades even in tall, wet vegetation. Cranks easily. Superb turning radius. Quite for a diesel. Power steering is a real bonus.
    Cons: Over small trees (not advised anyway), the deck can disengage, but remedied using a bolt to secure the deck. The middle blades tends to miss some grass blades in high grass.
    Modifications: none

  4. mike rooks says:

    disappointed, I have a B7800 also much better machine …have to use the B7800 for everything the GR2100 just sits in the shed

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: good engine.. tires are good dosent get much use
    Cons: dosent work on hills …didnt back up out of its own shadow when first bought…didnt backup out of a ditch after dealer adjusted it but would back out of it shadow…. hydrostat is weak…. changed filters and strainer…. just will pull its self on the level dosent like a hill.
    Attachments: mower deck
    Modifications: none

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