Kubota F80 Snow Blower

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The Kubota F80 snow blower is almost exclusively used by commercial contractors and crews due to it’s size and cost. It attaches to all the lawn mowers in the F80 series. This snow thrower is also commonly known as the Kubota F5220 snowblower. Just remember that both names refer to exactly the same model. The F80 has a cutting width just larger than the Kubota BX60 snow blower at 1.3 m (51 inches) and it has a cutting height of 0.56 m (21 inches). Like many of Kubota’s models, the F80 is attached to a tractor or large garden mower via a quick hitch bracket. This enables the user to attach and start operating the snowblower very quickly, while making detaching it even faster.

As the Kubota F80 snowblower is a machine that is mainly used in commercial operations, Kubota designed it to be very strong with the expectation that it would be getting a lot of bumps and bruises. For example, the chute on the snow blower has been constructed out of very strong steel to prevent any deformation during operation. The chute is also hydraulically adjustable from the operator’s seat for convenience.

The diameter of the auger used in the Kubota F80 snow blower measures 0.35 m (13.75 inches) and is constructed from very strong steel which means that it won’t easily bend out of shape if it accidentally sucks up a small branch or rock. The impeller diameter measures 0.45 m (17.8 inches) and has 4 blades in it. This very easily tackles all snow conditions, whether it’s compacted, soft or even very wet snow. The F80 (also known as the Kubota F5220 snow blower) uses skid shoes that are adjustable by the operator to suit nearly all conditions. This helps to reduce scrape marks on pavements and driveways.

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