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The Kubota F2680E zero turn lawn mower is the smallest and least powerful from Kubota’s F series of mowers. The 2 other models in the series that are bigger are the Kubota F3080 and the Kubota F3680 lawnmowers. The engine powering the F 2680 E is a 25.5 hp engine designed and built by Kubota themselves. The engine model number is the D1105. This 3 cylinder engine has a displacement of 1.123 liters and is kept cool using a liquid cooling system. The engine uses a dual element air cleaner to filter the air intake before it enters the engine. The engine is started by a 12 volt battery which is then recharged by a 40 amp alternator.

The Kubota F2680E uses a HST hydrostatic transmission which means no annoying gear changing. Instead the power is simply controlled by how far down you press the foot pedals. The F1680E is different to most zero turn lawnmowers due to the fact that it uses a steering wheel instead of dual lap bars. It’s able to make zero radius turns due to the fact that it has a differential lock as well as a turn assisting brake. The total weight of this lawn mower comes to 723 kg (1594 lbs).

The mower deck on the Kubota F2680E has a cutting width of either 60 inches or 72 inches, depending on which deck you choose. Just remember that the total width of the machine is always going to be about 10 inches greater than the cutting width due to the fact that there is a discharge flap located on the side. The mower deck can be raised and lowered from a high of 1 inch to 5 inches above the ground over very small 0.25 inch increments meaning that you will practically always be able to get the cut height that you desire.

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