Kubota BX2350

The Kubota BX2350 is a ride on lawn mower that has been in production since 2006. This large Kubota mower is driven by a Kubota designed and built D902 engine. This diesel, natural aspiration engine has 3 cylinders and is 0.9 liters in size. It is prevented from overheating thanks to it’s liquid cooling system. It filters air coming into the combustion chambers using a dual paper element air filter. The engine needs to be filled with 3.3 liters of oil before you start it to lubricate it and prevent wear and tear. The lawn mower is started via a 12 volt battery.

There is a hydrostatic transmission built into the Kubota BX2350. This gives the lawnmower an infinite number of gears (over 2 ranges) which means there is never any need to use a gear stick to change gears (except when you are moving from the high to low gear settings). The machine’s top speed is 8.1 mph. The garden tractor comes with a roll bar (ROPS) as standard and there is unfortunately no cab option. However there is a the option of getting a canopy for it so that you can keep the sun off your head in very warm weather. The open center hydraulics systems takes 11.7 liters (3.1 US gallons) of hydraulic fluid to fully fill it.

The max capacity of the fuel tank is 25 liters (6.6 US gallons). The Kubota BX2350 comes with a category 1, 3 point hitch as standard that has a maximum rear lift capacity of 449 kg (992 lbs) and so can be used with a variety of implements that compliment the BX2350. It also has a front end loader attachment that fits seamlessly with it, the Kubota LA243. This loader has a breakout capacity of 449 kg (992 lbs). The width of the bucket is 1.21 m (48 inches) and it has a capacity of 0.1 cu m.

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