Kubota BX23

The Kubota BX23 sub compact utility tractor was manufactured for just one year from 2004 until production finished in 2005. It is powered by a 3 cylinder, diesel E-TVCS engine that was manufactured in house by Kubota. The engine has a displacement of 0.9 liters and gives the tractor a maximum power output of 22 hp. The engine sits on a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis which helps to make this tractor very easy to control even in very difficult driving conditions. The engine transfers power to the wheels through a hydrostatic gear box that gives the tractor an infinite number of gears both while it’s traveling forward and while it’s traveling in reverse.

The diesel fuel tank has a maximum capacity of 18.9 liters (5 US gallons). You’ll be glad to know that according to anecdotal reports, the engine is incredibly efficient and burns very little fuel during operation. Many people love this tractor for the simple reason that it’s just so versatile as it comes with a backhoe and the option of a mid mounted mower deck and front loader. People find that the Kubota BT600 backhoe that comes with the Kubota BX23 to be very easy to use, although the seat can become a little uncomfortable even though it is completely comfortable to sit in when it is in the ‘normal’ driving position.

The Kubota BX 23’s backhoe (the Kubota BT600 backhoe) has a reasonable swing arc of 140 degrees, while the bucket can rotate a full 180 degrees. With the bucket having the ability to rotate by this large amount, there would normally be a risk of it swinging back into the backhoe and potentially damaging it. Luckily this is avoided by a cushioning system that dramatically slows the rotation of the bucket when it approaches the backhoe. The bucket itself is 1.22 m (48 inches) wide and can hold loads of up 209 kg (460 lbs).

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One Review of the “Kubota BX23”

  1. Michael Pochyba says:

    I wish I would have purchased one many years before I did. It saves so much time and aches and pains by doing yard work manually.
    It is my favorite work-toy. I really couldn’t keep my 2.5 acres without it anymore.

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: Fits into small spaces a larger model wouldn’t
    Seems to run forever with the 3 cyl. diesel engine
    battery lasted 8 years
    digs, pulls, carries, pushes…I couldn’t do the work anymore that it does for me
    Cons: None
    Attachments: Front loader 48″
    backhoe 12″ bucket
    Modifications: None

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