Kubota B7100

The Kubota B7100 compact tractor was rolling off the production lines for a full 9 years from 1976 until production finished up in 1985. During this time, all production of the tractor took place in Japan. The tractor is powered by a Kubota designed and built D750-A diesel engine. This 3 cylinder engine is liquid cooled through a cooling system that needs 4.6 liters of coolant to fully fill it from when it’s dry. The 0.8 liter engine is started with a 12 volt battery and is preheated using a system of glow plugs. The maximum power output from the engine is 16 hp.

There are 3 variants of the Kubota B7100. The first is the Kubota B7100E. This is uses a 4×2 2WD chassis to support the tractor. The Kubota 7100D uses a 4×2 MFWD 4WD chassis to support the tractor, while the Kubota B7100HST variation is different as it uses a hydrostatic transmission box. The maximum speed that the tractor can attain when not using a hydrostatic transmission, but instead the standard unsynchronized transmission is 8.3 mph when traveling forwards. When reversing, the tractor’s top speed is just 4.2 mph.

The open hydraulics system on the Kubota B7100 requires 13.6 liters (3.6 US gallons) of hydraulic fluid to maintain optimum functioning, while the fuel tank is capable of holding up to a maximum of 12.9 liters (3.4 US gallons) of diesel. The B7100 boasts a category 1, 3 point hitch that has a rear lifting capacity of 469 kg (1036 lbs). The vehicle features an open operator station with a ROPS (roll bar) without the option of a cab. The tractor measures 2 m (79 inches) long and is 1.01 m (40 inches) wide. It has a wheelbase of 1.25 m (49.5 inches) and weighs in at 489 kg (1080 lbs).

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