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The Kubota B6100 compact utility tractor had a fairly decent run of 6 years on the assembly lines from 1978 until 1984 when production finished up. During this time, the production was split into 2 different variations; the Kubota B6100D which has a 4WD chassis and the Kubota B6100E is the other variation which is built with a 2WD chassis. Other than the chassis, there is little difference between the 2 variants. Both tractors are powered by a Kubota built D650-A diesel engine. This engine has natural aspiration and 3 combustion chambers. The total engine size comes in at 0.7 liters. It’s liquid cooled using a water cooling system that has a 4.6 liter capacity. The capacity of the Kubota B6100’s oil pan for keeping the engine properly lubricated is 3.9 liters. The engine is started by a 12 volt battery. The total power output of the D650-A is 14 hp.

Power from the engine gets to the wheels using a choice of 2 transmission boxes. The first is a hydrostatic transmission that gives the tractor infinite speeds both in forward and reverse which means there is no need for a gear stick (this is particularly handy if you are using the machine in tight, confined spaces, where you need to constantly change speeds and from forward to reverse). The other choice is a unsynchronized transmission system that gives the Kubota B6100 compact utility tractor 6 gears when traveling forwards and 2 gears when it’s reversing. This transmission box needs 11.5 liters of oil to fully fill it. The top speed of the Kubota B6100 is 13.8 kph (8.6 mph).

The Kubota B6100 tractor uses a category 1, 3 point hitch allowing it to use many implement whether on a farm, in a garden or elsewhere. The 2WD B6100 has a height of 1.14 m (44.9 inches) and a width of 0.92 m (36.6 inches), while it’s wheelbase comes in at 1.24 m (48.9 inches) and it measures 1.94 m (76.6 inches) long. The 4WD B6100 is 0.97 m (38.4 inches) wide and has a height of 1.13 m (44.6 inches). It is also 1.94 m (76.6 inches) long and has a wheelbase 1.25 m (49.1 inches).

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