John Deere Z910A

The John Deere Z910A is part of the Pro 900 Series of zero turn lawn mowers from John Deere. Other models in this range that are a little larger include the John Deere Z920A, the John Deere Z925A as well as the John Deere Z930A zero turn lawnmowers. The engine that powers the JD Z910A is a 22 hp Kawasaki This is a twin cylinder model that has a total volume of 0.73 liters. The fully pressurized lubrication system comes with a replaceable oil filter. The engine has 2 systems for cleaning the air intake. The first is passing it through a pre-cleaner to take out the larger particles before it gets passed through a cannister, heavy duty air filter. The engine is cooled using an air cooling system.

The John Deere Z910A zero turn lawn mower is controlled by the twin lap bars in front of the operator, the right bar controlling the right rear wheel, while the left bar controls the left rear wheel. By pushing the bars in opposite directions, you can execute zero radius turns. The JD Z 910A uses a Tuff Torq dual hydrostatic transmission to pass power from the engine to the rear wheels. Depending on the mower deck choice, the size of the rear wheels varies. If you choose the JD Z910A with a 54 inch deck, then the rear wheels measure 24×12-12 (24 inch diameter, 12 inch width, 12 inch rim diameter), while if you choose the 48 inch deck, each rear wheel measures 24×9.5-12 (24 inch diameter, 9.5 inch width, 12 inch rim diameter).

The top speed of the John Deere Z910A comes in at 16.9 kph (10.5 mph) moving forwards, while in reverse it has a max speed of 8.1 kph (5 mph). The Z 910 A comes with a choice of 2 mower decks; the smaller one has a cutting width of 48 inches, while the large one has a cutting width of 54 inches.

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One Review of the “John Deere Z910A”

  1. matt johnson says:

    love it….go green

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: use mainly for commercial uses,100% reliable&paid for itself
    Attachments: 9 sets of blades to switch/between

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