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The John Deere X530 lawnmower is a step up from the likes of the John Deere X500 and the John Deere X52o. As you can probably guess, this garden tractor is from the JD X500 series of lawn mowers. It uses the 25 hp produced from it’s 0.675 liter engine to power the wheels, mower deck and PTO. The engine is made by Kawasaki and is a V Twin. It’s air cooled. The engine transfers power to the wheels of the lawn mower via an automatic transmission that has a differential lock. This automatic transmission is very handy as it means there is no need for gear changes, which can be a real time waster, especially in smaller areas where you need to constantly change your speed. Instead you just need to press down on the forward pedal to travel forwards or press down the reverse pedal to travel backwards. Obviously the harder you press the pedals, the faster you will travel.

The JD X530 utilizes power steering which allows it to take reasonably tight turns which makes it quite good for use in small gardens with many hard to reach places. The fuel tank on the John Deere X530 holds 18.9 liters (5 US gallons) of gasoline and uses a 3 inch wide opening that makes filling very easy indeed.

Like the JD X520 lawn mower, the John Deere X530 has a 54 inch Edge Xtra cutting deck which means that it can handle very larges areas of grass with just one passing. It also uses John Deere’s CargO Mount system which means that it can handle a huge variety of attachments, that expand the functionality of this lawn mower. Whether you want to attach a snowblower, a front end loader or a scraper, the x530 can handle them. If you are looking for a powerful, all round lawnmower, then you should strongly consider this one. For more information on this model, you can check it out on the official JD site by clicking here.

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