John Deere X495

The John Deere X495 is one of the biggest John Deere mowers that you can buy. It’s very similar in many regards to other lawnmowers in the ‘X’ series as there are 2 variants. The John Deere X495 2WS is considered the standard version, while the John Deere X495 AWS is the ‘uprgraded’  version. If you have the money, you should try go for the AWS (All Wheel Steering) model as it is easier to navigate through awkward gardens and turns. AWS technology is exclusive to John Deere mowers. Other quality mowers in this range include the John Deere X485 and the John Deere X465 lawnmowers.

The John Deere X495 is powered by a Yanmar 3TNE74 engine. Unlike most of the other engines in the ‘X’ series this engine is a diesel and is a 3 cylinder model which provides a lot more torque than other models. The engine has a displacement of 1.0 liters and produces 24 hp. The 3TNE74 uses a liquid cooling system to keep the engine at the optimum temperature. You will need to add 2.8 liters of engine oil to the engine before starting it to make sure that it stays properly lubricated and running smoothly. In 2005, a new type of Yanmar engine was used in the JD X495s that were rolling fresh off the production line. This is model is the Yanmar 3TNV76 engine. It’s also a diesel and both engines are very similar in most regards.

The John Deere X495 can work with a range of large mower decks; 48 inch, 54 inch and 62 inch mowing decks are all compatible with the JD X495. You will find that this lawnmower is quite nippy too, reaching a top speed of 13.7 kph (8.5 mph). This means it is a great machine for cutting the grass on playing fields and in parks. You can also attach implements like snow blowers and front blades to it as well as many others. For more information on this model, you can check it out on the official JD site by clicking here.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere X495”

  1. Steve Eshleman says:

    Excellent service from this Tractor for first 8 years and 900 hours. Terrible service last 5 years and 300 hours. I will never buy another John Deere product.

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: Powerful and comfortable
    Cons: Poor switches for locking brakes and cruise control
    Electronics of Tractor are terrible. Tractor has required 5 separate services since 2012 to keep the PTO switch working, costing over $2,000 and shop down time more than 6 months! Tractor has required 9 separate services to repair the fuel cutoff selonoid, costing over $1,200 and shop down time more than 8 months total!
    Attachments: 54” Deck and Dump Truck which I really like!

  2. Jack says:

    I use this tractor for 2 primary purposes: mowing grass (aprox. 2.5 acres) and pulling various trailers. Mostly I pull a 5ft x 8 ft, 3500lb capacity utility trailer.

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: * excellent torque when mowing thick, heavy grass in the spring. Nothing seems to slow it down
    * reliable, no fuss performance. Not a single problem after 5 years of ownership. (Oh, except for flat tire 🙂 )
    * very comfortable – adjustable seat/steering wheel allows anyone in my family to hop on and start mowing.
    * very good headlights. Sometimes get stuck mowing in the dark; I really like the automotive style headlights / tail lights.
    * power steering is wonderful, and makes this tractor easy to navigate around stuff
    * strong build allows me to pull loaded trailers around.
    * well built, and easy to adjust mowing deck.
    * very good smooth, even cut, providing a professional finish.
    Cons: * I also mow along the road, although this tractor is fast for mowing, I wish it had a ‘high speed’ mode just for driving down the road. Max. speed is just under 10km/hour
    * the turf tires are good, but traction is limited if conditions are wet or slippery.
    * hard to get at the radiator and clean out the build-up of grass that may be there.
    * for a heavy duty mower deck, it’s easy to get on / off, except for the PTO. You need to get on your belly, and have a nice long reach to get at the mid PTO
    * I think JD lawyers had some input into the design. The mower deck shuts down if you even touch the reverse petal. There is an ‘override’, but you need to use this every time you backup, even in the slightest. The fact that this feature even exists is well hidden in the user manual. The override, however is easy to reach and use while mowing.
    * even with the side shoot up, this tractor will not fit on a standard 5ft wide trailer with the mower deck attached. You’ll need at least a 6ft wide trailer when using the 54in. mowing deck, to get the rig on a trailer without removing the mowing deck.
    Attachments: This is a JD X495 standard version – 2 wheel drive, and equipped with 54in. mowing deck. I do not have the 3ph option on it, although you can get it
    The X495, by the way, is the 24HP diesel version – which gives it such amazing torque. It’s the same engine they use on the JD 2305 compact tractor.
    Modifications: The mowing deck has a very large protective shoot at the discharge that sticks out quite far. Perhaps another ‘lawyer’ feature. This limits navigation through tight spaces, and close mowing along the RHS of the mower. It also causes problems when mowing against long grass. This shoot does swing up however, so I drilled a small hole in the edge of it and use a bunge cord attached to the fender handle, to raise it up. If I’m mowing in an area where the protection of the shoot is required, I just release the bunge cord and let it down.

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