John Deere X485

The John Deere X485 lawnmower is part of the ‘X’ series of machines that include the John Deere X475 and the John Deere X495 lawnmowers. Like many of the John Deere mowers in this range, the JD X485 has a few variants that are also available. There is a John Deere X485SE 2WS which includes many extra features including bull bars. The John Deere X485 AWS is the same as the regular model except that is has All Wheel Steering (AWS) technology that makes it incredibly nimble and agile when turning. All 3 variants use the same 25 hp engine. This V twin cylinder engine is the FD671D model from Kawasaki. It’s gasoline powered and has a liquid cooling system for the engine. The air filter comprises of dual paper element to help prevent impurities from entering the combustion chamber.

The John Deere X485 is understandably quite heavy. The regular version weighs in at 381 kg (840 lbs) while the AWS version is a lot heavier at 408 kg (900 lbs). Without a bagger attached to the back of the JD X485, it’s still very long compared to other JD lawnmowers. It measures 2 m (79 inches) in length. With a bagger attached, it’s going to be way longer. The turning radius of the JD X485 AWS is a little smaller at 0.5 m (19.7 inches) than the regular model which has a turning radius of 0.6 m (23.6 inches).

The John Deere X485 mower uses Twin Touch pedals to control it’s speed and direction (forwards or backwards). This is thanks to a hydrostatic, automatic transmission. The fuel tank on this model is incredibly large when compared to other machines. It’s capable of holding up to 24.6 liters (6.5 US gallons) of gasoline. This is enough to keep the lawnmower going for many hours without needing to refuel. For more information on this model, you can check it out on the official JD site by clicking here.

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One Review of the “John Deere X485”

  1. m daniels says:

    Mostly love it. Plows Michigan snow way beyond expectations. JD designed excellent blade way out back so lots of weight on rear tires. Plows snow without tire chains if you want to take your time. Chains just put the blade down and push away. I’ve seen small farm tractors not do near as well. Enough weight to work with. Mows heavy tall overgrown lawn without complaint… twice last year because I work excessive overtime and say screw the mowing. Plant a few acres of christmas trees and x485 mows down all brush/field grass. Use cultivator to bust up garden soil and back blade to push it around. Does push dirt around enough for yard work. Often mow with back blade attached and drop it to level mole hills…. back blade swings in turn so watch when close to stuff. Make short work of ant hills. 9 year old now… voltage regulator went out and starter solenoid. Nothing else has failed or broken. My fourth JD 100-317-345 and now x485… best one so far.

    Year of Manufacture: 2006
    Pros: Heavy duty Garden tractor. Will plow heavy snow with back blade. Differential lock so both rear wheels turn when needed. Comfortable springy seat. Small tool/glove box with 12v “cigarette” outlet. Power deck lift. Power to 3pt hitch if installed. Oh.. yeah a 3pt Cat 0/1 hitch is optional.
    Cons: Voltage regulator is notorious for going bad. Mine went and I’m told others in the area had same problem.
    Attachments: I have 62″ direct drive mower deck, 5′ back blade, 6 tine cultivator, and the 3pt Cat 0/1 hitch needed for the blade and cultivator. Tire chains so I can plow snow with blade.
    Modifications: Self installed 3pt Cat 0/1 hitch. Good directions and fairly easy for non-pro.. basic hand tools needed. If you can assemble a bicycle you can probably handle this. Rec flashlight so you can see bolt holes under tractor.

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