John Deere X465

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There are 2 distinct types of John Deere X465. Firstly there is the regular version which isn’t that interesting. The second type is the┬áJohn Deere X465 AWS (All Wheel Steering) model. Both of these models are practically the same except for the fact that the JD X465 AWS has great maneuverability that’s thanks to that fact it’s using all 4 wheels to turn. Both use the same Kawasaki FH641D gasoline engine that has natural aspiration. The V twin engine produces 21 hp, so this is a pretty powerful series of lawnmowers considering that the smallest in the range has a 21 hp engine.

Power from the engine gets to the wheels through JD’s well liked Twin Touch pedal technology. These pedals make driving the John Deere X465 an absolute dream as you never need to mess around with a gear stick. The JD X465 is not as popular with individuals when compared to commercial contractors and landscapers for the simple reason that this John Deere mower is just so big and powerful. It can accommodate 3 very large mower decks with a cutting width of 48 inches, 54 inches and a very big 62 inches. This makes the lawnmower far more suited to larger jobs instead of small residential ones.

The John Deere X465 has a number of features that make operating it very easy and almost an enjoyable experience. The operators seat is obviously very comfortable and is adjustable as is the steering wheel which means that you will almost always be able to set it up so that it is very comfortable to operate. A standard 12 v outlet allows you to plug in whatever you deem fit to use. If you are looking for similar but larger models in the ‘X’ series, then have a look at the John Deere X473 or the John Deere X485 lawnmowers. For more information on this model, you can check it out on the official JD site by clicking here.

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