John Deere X324

The John Deere X324 lawn mower is a step up from both the John Deere X320 and the John Deere X300 garden tractors. It gets it’s power from a 22 horsepower, 0.726 liter Kawasaki engine. This is battery started and the battery itself is charged via a 15 amp charging system. The JD X324 uses a K58 automatic transmission to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. The operator needs to use Twin Touch pedals to control the whether it moves forwards or backwards. There is no gear stick which makes operating the machine very easy indeed. Going forward, the lawnmower has a top speed of 5.9 mph, while in reverse it can manage 3.5 mph.

The font tires on the John Deere X324 have a diameter of 15 inches and width of 6 inches (15×6-6). The rear tires have a diameter of 20 inches and a width of 10 inches (20×10-10). The great thing about the JD X324 is that it’s designed very well for small gardens with lot of difficult areas where there isn’t much space for turning. It’s 4 wheel steering gives it a turning radius of just 15 inches. The mower deck on this lawnmower has a width of 48 inches and can be adjusted from a height of 1 inch from the ground to 4 inches in quarter inch increments.

The mower deck discharges grass out the side. However with the addition of a mulching plug, it can mulch the grass instead. Or with a bagger at the back, it can collect all the spent grass clippings. The total weight of the John Deere X324 comes in at 324 kg (714 lbs) which is a fairly reasonable weight for a ride on lawnmower. It’s height measures in at 1.09 m (43 inches). When the mower is attached, the total width of the machine comes to 1.56 m (61.5 inches).

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One Review of the “John Deere X324”

  1. Jacques Brunelle says:

    4 wheel steer is simply amazing, I’m on two acres with frontal ditch which the 324 maneuvers on very well. I never get stuck with 4 wheel steer either as some little steering adjustments will free you from most situations. Turning is amazing and I appreciate it every ride. Fully reliable with no weird noises in 450 hours over six years during hot summers and cold winters where the 44” snowblower is used. I end up blowing at least one sheer pin a winter so care must be taken not to blow heavy slush or bigger ice pieces. I used to have a JD 120 and there is no comparison, the x324 Kawasaki is problem-free too. Takes about 9 liters to cut 2 acres. Do use premium gas in winter for easy starting below 0 C, and keep tank filled when stored. Use care with winter chains on when doing tight four-wheel turns—turn slowly to avoid blowing a chain off. Removing deck to clean and switch at end of season is a pain. I’m seriously considering the X754 with drive over deck for that reason. Diesel would be great too.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: 100% satisfied in 450 hours
    Cons: Height adjustment for cutting deck minor issues
    Attachments: 48” cutter, 44” snow blower. Have full bush bar that is recommended around bushes and growing trees.
    Modifications: None

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