John Deere WE80

Most people associate John Deere with sit on lawnmowers, but they also make a range of incredibly high quality push lawnmowers too. The John Deere WE80 is an example of this.  This small walk behind lawn mower is powered by a Kawasaki gasoline engine. The engine is just 0.179 liters in size and propels the lawnmower at up to 6.6 kph (4.1 mph). The engine has a very long operating life thanks to the fact that it uses a dual stage air cleaner to purify the air intake.

The John Deere WE80 has a 3 speeds at which it operates so that operator can always find a traveling speed which is comfortable for him. The total width of the JD WE80 comes to 22 inches, while the cutting width is 21 inches. For dealing with the grass clippings you have a choice of either discharging them onto the ground and allowing them to rot, or instead you can collect them in the bagger that is attached to the rear of the machine. The bagger has a 2.5 bushel capacity. The mower deck is constructed from aluminum and can be lowered to just 1 inch above the ground. It can raised up to 4 inches above the ground when cutting long grass.

The fuel tank on the John Deere WE80 can hold up to 1.8 liters of gasoline, enough fuel for well over one hour of continuous operation. One thing that people will find nice is that the handle bar is ergonomically designed to your hands so they are less likely to go numb after long hours of continuous operation. Similar models to the JD WE80 include the John Deere WE85 and the John Deere G15 self propelled lawnmowers.

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One Review of the “John Deere WE80”

  1. Van Brown says:

    The WE 80 was my second commercial walk behind as my first bought in the 90’s was stolen. I loved my first one. I had no idea my second one would come with wheels made of aluminum foil. When the front 2 wheels failed a John Deere dealer put 2 new upgraded solid wheels on for $110. Even though it would be a stretch if I have even 25 hours on my machine I was refused a 2 year warranty since I am a registered landscape contractor even though I am not a commercial mower. I guess we are not allowed to be homeowners too. I bought it to mow 300 square feet of narrow paths around daylilies in my front yard. My mower has been at the dealer 3 months.

    Year of Manufacture: 118
    Pros: Kawasaki engine for long life
    Cons: Spoked cast aluminum wheels – these wheels are the “Achilles Heel” of the entire lawnmower. Who in their right mind pays $1200 for a lawnmower only to have the wheels fall off? First the aluminum cracks at the spokes, and your wheels start turning whobling back and forth. Then the next thing you know they break right off the axle.

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