John Deere STX46

The John Deere STX46 is the largest lawn mower in the STX series from JD. Smaller models in the STX series include the John Deere STX38 and the John Deere STX30 lawn mowers. The JD STX46 is powered by a Kohler CV15S engine that provides the mower deck and wheels with 15 hp in power output. This 1 cylinder Kohler engine has natural aspiration and a displacement of 0.426 liters. To prevent overheating the John Deere mower uses an air cooling system on the motor.

There are 2 distinct transmissions that are available for the John Deere STX46. The first is a gear box that gives the JD STX46 5 gears when traveling ahead and 1 for when it’s reversing. The other transmission choice is a hydrostatic one that makes the lawnmower an automatic with unlimited speeds going forwards and well as backwards. The engine and transmission is built into a 4×2 2WD chassis. As this lawnmower has a larger motor than others in the series, it can also more easily support a larger mower deck. One interesting thing about this machine is the fact that the mower deck is black in color, not the usual yellow that many associate with JD mowers.

The John Deere STX46 is also very useful around your garden and yard for other tasks. With the addition of a snow blower attached to the front of the lawn mower it can be used for clearing large depths of snow from your driveway relatively quickly and without much effort on your part, although it’s advisable to use chains in conjunction with rear weight plates so the JD STX46 maintains it’s balance during operation. A front blade can also be attached along with a bagger at the rear to collect grass clippings. Thankfully maintaining your STX46 is fairly easy due to the fact that is quite easy to get a hold of John Deere lawn mower spare parts.

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