John Deere SST18

The John Deere SST18 lawnmower is the largest of the 3 models in the ‘SST’ series. If you are wondering what the SST stands for, it’s actually quite simple. It refers to the Spin Steer Technology. This is just a fancy way of saying that they have incorporated differential steering into the lawnmower so that you have a zero turn radius. This makes the JD SST18 incredibly useful if you have a garden with many small patches of grass that need cutting. The differential steering works very simply; when you lock the wheel in a certain direction, the rear wheel in the center of the turn also locks while the outside wheel keeps spinning, allowing you to complete a turn with a radius of 0 m (0 inches).

The John Deere SST18 lawnmower gets it’s power from a V twin cylinder engine designed and built by Briggs and Stratton which gives the lawnmower 18 horsepower to play with. The engine is air cooled. The wheels get powered through a hydrostatic transmission using Twin Touch pedals which means there is no gear changing required, you just need to push down on either the forwards or reverse pedal to speed up. The JD SST18 not only has a zero turn radius, but it also has power steering so that your arms won’t tire even after operating it continuously for many hours.

The John Deere SST18 uses a 48 inch mower deck. The total weight of the machine comes to 298 kg (658 lbs) which may seem high for a John Deere mower, but it just because of all the bells and whistles that have been added such as the power steering and differential steering. This machine is compatible with many different attachments such as snowblower, blades, harrows, a rear bagger and utility cart. If you are looking for smaller models, then you should check out the John Deere SST15 and have a look at the John Deere SST16 lawnmowers.

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One Review of the “John Deere SST18”

  1. Ray says:

    8 YEARS.

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: I bought this JD SST-18 from a JD dealer that deals in the higher end JD line up. Not Home Depo crap. Any way I have the 18 HP Vanguard V twin engine. I love this engine! It is so smooth and quiet and plenty of power. It’s great on fuel as well. I have had the best luck with this tractor. I have had it now 8 years and I just replaced the blade belt! 8 YEARS!! This Tractor will be with me as long as I want it. It has been great. I live in Fl so I mow every week all year long. I also put a new battery in 2 years ago and change the oil every 50 hrs and that’s it. Of corse sharpen the blades every other week. I had a Snapper Z turn, prior to this and it broke a belt every month. It was a piece of crap! If you can find one with the Vanguard Motor buy it! They are tough. I have a vacant canal front lot 2 block from me. I got a code violation because I didn’t mow it all year, so I just mowed it yesterday. It was a job for a Bush Hog, but I did it with my SST-18! I could have gotten 20 bails of hay off of it. Love my SST-18! Best I have ever owned!

    Cons: Cheap Plastic hood! Broke it so I have no hood! Hit an Orange tree wile making a zero turn. I like the metal much better. My opinion for a Tractor Hood! Not plastic crap.

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