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The John Deere SST16 lawnmower has both a bigger and a smaller brother. It’s bigger brother is the John Deere SST18 lawnmower while the John Deere SST15 is the smaller brother of the SST16. The JD SST16 is best known for the fact that it uses differential steering technology to turn 180 degrees on a dime. Even though it has the appearance of a regular ride on lawnmower, it actually has a zero turn radius when you aren’t traveling very fast. The engine powering this John Deere lawn mower is a Briggs and Stratton V twin cylinder engine that is air cooled. It provides that lawnmower with 16 hp.

Thanks to it’s Twin Touch pedal and transmission system, the John Deere SST16 is an automatic with a top speed of 8.8 kph (5.5 mph) and is very easy to drive. The JD SST16 comes with a 42 inch mower deck as standard but has the option of mulching the grass clippings or discharging them out the side of the mowing deck. You can also attach a 7 bushel bagger to the back of the machine to collect the grass clippings. Besides just mowing your lawn, this mover can also accommodate a huge range of implements, from snow throwers to front blades to utility carts as well as scrapers and harrows.

The weight of the John Deere SST16 comes in at a pretty hefty 290 kg (640 lbs). It’s minimum turning radius however is 0 m (0 inches). The JD SST16 enjoyed a production run that lasted 3 years from 2000 until production finished in 2003. This would indicate that while SST technology is certainly useful among standard lawnmowers, it has yet to catch on and be implemented in all lawnmowers.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere SST16”


    Love it the more i learn about the mower the more i want more than 2.

    Year of Manufacture: 2000
    Pros: have 2000 and 2001 sst 16’s #1 came from chicago with a blown motor replaced with a opposed twin 18 that john deere said wouldn’t work. It runs great even in the snow with a 44″ plow added chains and a rear weight to help with traction. A REAL BEAST IN THE SNOW.
    #2 Came from delavan wi. as a trade with trans problems found it a simple fix considering john deere had no answers to help. Bought a tech manual cd got tired of working on it and parked it 6 months. Finally after almost memorizeing the trans pictures by heart. I found a spring on the rear of the trans that had come loose put the thing back together and did my first wheelie right off the work table to prove it was fixed
    Cons: Only con’s about this machine is John deere hasn’t got mechanics that want to work on them out by me without paying a arm and a leg to fix them. Thanks to me and a friend we decided to devote a couple of days on the bench at Ron’s Refurbished Equipment in zion il. Before winter snowblower season started got it up and running after only 4 hours on the bench adjusting and ohming and testing the vacumm for leaks.Got any questions call me i have the tech manual for this machine 414-502-0996
    Attachments: 44 inch snow plow, 42″ feedom deck, 42″ all purpose deck, wheelie bracket and weights. A set of tire chains i made from a big set of craftsman ones.
    Looking for the elusive snow bloer someone said was available.
    Modifications: 44″ plow added a 3rd spring to stiffen up the front to keep it from banging so much so I can push a little dirt and horde poop around behind the barn.
    18 hp opposed briggs twin intake manifold tapped and threaded to accept the vacumn hose for the steering actuators

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