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The John Deere SST15 lawnmower is the first model in the ‘SST’ series from JD. The other 2 models in this series are the John Deere SST16 and the John Deere SST18 lawnmowers. This is not the most famous series of John Deere lawnmowers, however it is one of the most interesting. SST means Spin Steer Technology. This technology is steering wheel controlled differential steering. In layman’s terms, this means that you can turn on a dime. When you lock the steering wheel in one direction, one wheel will remains stationary, while the other keeps spinning. This allows the operator to perform zero radius turns. However it’s important to keep in mind that this will not be the case if you are traveling at high speeds. So to complete maneuvers with a zero turn radius on the JD SST15, you need to be traveling at low speeds.

The John Deere SST15 is powered by a 1 cylinder Kohler engine, a Kohler CVS15S gasoline engine. This 15 horsepower engine is air cooled and uses a paper and foam element air filter to clean the air intake before it enters the combustion chamber. As the JD SST115 is a relatively new lawnmower by John Deere, it has a hydrostatic transmission, which makes it an automatic.

Even though the engine only produces 15 hp, the John Deere SST15 weighs in at 278 kg (615 lbs). This is mostly due the extra equipment it needs to incorporate the differential steering. The total length of the machine comes to 1.9 m (75 inches) while the wheelbase measures 1.25 m (49 inches). The JD SST15 comes with a 42 inch mower deck as standard and has the option of attaching a 2 bag bagger with a 7 bushel capacity at the rear. You can also use implements like snow blowers and front blades with this mower.

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