John Deere LX173

The John Deere LX173 garden tractor lawn mower had a production run that lasted only 2 years from 1996 until 1998. During this 2 year production period, all manufacture of the JD LX173 took place in the Horicon plant in Wisconsin. This is where practically every single John Deere mower has been built in recent memory. The LX173 uses a Kohler CV15S, gasoline engine to power the mower deck and the wheels. This engine is built into the 4×2 2WD chassis and produces a reasonable 15 hp. The engine is key started using a 12 volt battery.

The John Deere LX173 lawn mower is in the same class as the likes of the John Deere LX172 and the John Deere LX176 garden tractor lawn mowers. It uses a hydrostatic transmission which gives it unlimited gears when traveling forwards as well as when it’s reversing. The JD LX173 lawn tractor can accommodate 2 different sized mower decks. The first is mower deck with a 38 inch cutting width. The other mower deck is much larger with a cutting width of 48 inches. Do keep in mind that the total width of the mower decks will be approximately 10 inches larger than their cutting widths due to the fact that the discharge chute on each of them protrudes from the side.

When cutting grass with the John Deere LX173, you have a choice to either let the grass get expelled from the discharge chute out the side of the mower deck or you can attach a bagger to the back of the mower to collect the grass clippings. Just remember to add front weight plates to the JD LX173 to keep it balanced with the bagger attached at the rear. This lawnmower can also take a snow blower or front blade attachment as well as other attachments on the rear.

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5 Reviews of the “John Deere LX173”

  1. Keith says:

    This was a workhorse. If I could repair it (replace the transmission)at a reasonable cost I would continue to use it till either I die or it finally dies. However, the cost of a new transmission (this is the second one that blew up) exceeds the cost to replace with a whole other used tractor. Other than the transmission, it is built like a Mack truck. Very durable.

    Year of Manufacture: 1996
    Pros: I bought this new and have used it continually until this year. It was always a workhorse. The specs above indicate that this machine was sold with a hydrostatic transmission, but mine is mechanical 5-speed.
    Cons: I have a hilly site and have went through two transmissions. After the second one blew (this summer)I decided to replace the mower.
    Attachments: I have the rear grass collection attachment. It is useless and clogged continually. I eventually stored it (very high up) in my garage and bought a sweeper.
    Modifications: None

  2. François senécal says:

    Tres bon tracteur exepter la … de transmission cela feras la 3 eme le case fend la derniere fois en soufflant la neige qui etais folle et sans forcer le case a encore fendu a croire que cela est fais en plastique et on nous vend cela a prix fort je suis plutot decu de la conception de la transmission decevant le reste rien a dire par contre mais trop couteux en reparation quelqu’un a une idée pour une transmission a bon prix fiable :(:(:(:(

    Year of Manufacture: 1996
    Pros: Tres bon tracteur rapport force et endurance moteur tres respectable
    Cons: Transmission a ch…
    Modifications: Aucune a part la souffleuse et des lumieres arrieres

  3. Rick says:

    Have used minimally. Will let you know in the future.

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Pros: Just purchased it today/yesterday. This is one nice lawn tractor. Pulls great. Am looking for a new/used hood for it.
    Cons: Hood is not made of metal
    Attachments: Towing ball.

  4. Craig C says:

    Very Positive. It is a little small (size and HP) for what I need but it does a surprising good job for a lawn tractor

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Pushes snow down my Chicago driveway really well.
    Cons: Have to move the seat to refill with fuel. Hard to start in the cold.
    Attachments: Snow blade, wheel weights and chains

  5. Joe C says:

    Tractor is great for around the yard work. It’s strong enough to pull top soil in a trailer up hills. I would recommend it for the money you will pay if you find one.

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Pros: Great little tractor
    Attachments: 48 inch deck
    Modifications: Non

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