John Deere LTR180

The John Deere LTR180 lawnmower is the biggest machine in the LT series from JD. Like the rest of the garden tractor lawn mowers in this series, the LTR180 was produced in the Horicon facility in Wisconsin. It’s production run lasted 4 years, from 2002 until they stopped making it in 2006. The engine itself is a Kawasaki FH500V gasoline model that is 0.494 liters (30 cubic inches) in size. This 2 cylinder, V twin engine is battery started (which certainly beats constantly pulling on a recoil system). Once the engine is running, the battery is then recharged using a 13 amp alternator.

If you are looking for models in the LT series that are smaller than the John Deere LTR180, then you should have a look at the the John Deere LT180 or the John Deere LT133 lawnmowers. Power from the engine of the JD LTR180 is transferred to the wheels using a Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission, which means no gear changing. The total weight of the lawn mower comes to 317 kg (700 lbs) when the mower deck is attached and it’s fueled up. The shipping weight of the John Deere LTR180 comes to 271 kg (598 lbs).

The discharge chute is located at the back of the mower deck (which is unlike most other John Deere mower decks). The mower deck has a cutting width of 42 inches. The optional bagger that you can add to the back of the lawnmower has a capacity of 8.5 bushels. Even though this is quite a large machine at 1.72 m (68 inches) in length, it has a very low turning radius of just 0.36 m (14 inches). If you are interested in finding out more about John Deere LTR180, the click here to see the official John Deere Page on it.

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  1. Milos Beric says:

    The best model ltr180

    Year of Manufacture: 2006

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