John Deere GX345

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The John Deere GX345 lawn mower is another machine in the GX series with a 20 hp engine. It uses a Kawasaki FD611V engine to give it 20 hp for powering it’s wheels and mower deck. This twin cylinder engine is a little different from the likes of the John Deere GX325 lawnmower or the John Deere GX335 garden tractor as it’s liquid cooled as opposed to being air cooled. The liquid cooling system that it uses has a capacity for 3.1 liters of coolant and needs to be checked fairly regularly to make sure that it’s at the right levels. The engine needs to be filled with 1.9 liters of oil from empty to maintain a decent level of lubrication and prevent wearing of the parts.

The automatic transmission on the John Deere GX345 is very convenient, needing the operator to just use 2 pedals to control the speed and whether it’s traveling forwards or backwards. This Twin Touch technology used in the transmission on this John Deere lawnmower makes operating it very easy going. But there is many more features that make it’s operation very pleasant also. The JD GX345 features cruise control which is especially useful when you are cutting wide, open swathes of grass and don’t want to have to constantly have your foot on the pedals controlling the speed.

The frame that the John Deere GX345 is built on has been constructed from heavy duty welded steel with no bolted connections. This means that there is virtually zero likelihood of the any of the connections becoming loose. To cut the grass there is a choice between a 48 inch and a 54 inch mower deck. These mower decks can be adjusted from 1 inch to 4 inches above the ground.

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