John Deere GX255

The John Deere GX255 lawnmower is the smallest model in the ‘GX’ series. If you are looking for bigger models, then you should take a look at the John Deere GX325 lawn mower or the John Deere GX335 lawnmower. The JD GX225 is powered by a Kawasaki V twin cylinder engine. Specifically it’s a Kawasaki FH601V model. This natural aspiration engine is air cooled and provides the lawnmower with 20 hp to turn the blades on the mower deck and move it forwards. To most people 20hp may seem like a lot of power for the smallest model in a lawnmower series! 1.5 liters of engine oil need to be added to the engine before you start operating it to make sure that it is properly lubricated.

Power from the Kawasaki engine is then routed to the wheels through a Tuff Torq K71C transmission. This hydrostatic transmission makes the John Deere GX255 an automatic which means there is no gear changing required when operating it. Instead it uses Twin Touch pedal technology that has been trademarked by John Deere, which significantly reduces the effort needed to operate this John Deere lawnmower.

But the transmission is not the only thing that makes the John Deere GX255 easy to operate. It also features a high-back operator’s seat that is adjustable forwards and backwards (by up to 7 inches) so that you can get the most comfortable and relaxing position relative to your height.  There is also a number of nifty features such as an oil pressure light and operating hours clock so you know when to bring it in for servicing. As this is a John Deere, there are also numerous attachments that work well with it, from snowblowers to snow blades as well as front blades. This is obviously not forgetting a 48 or 54 inch mower deck.

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