John Deere 997

The John Deere 997 ZTrak is a large front mounted lawnmower. This machine is powered by a large and powerful 31 hp Yanmar engine that has an engine size of 1.327 liters. This allows the mower deck to handle even very long and damp grass. This powerful engine transfers power to the mower deck through a hydrostatic clutch. There are a number of mower deck options for the JD 997. You can choose a 60 or 72 inch 7 Iron II series mower deck which has been specifically designed with commercial users in mind. These mower decks have been fabricated from a single sheet of pressed 7 gauge steel which means that it’s less like to fracture or break when compared to mower decks that have been welded or bolted together. The mower deck consists of 3 blades.

The John Deere 997 can have it’s mower deck raised and lowered from a high of 5 inches above the ground to a low of 1.5 inches in small 0.25 inch increments. This means that the operator can always get the cut height that he/she desires. The driver’s seat has a high back for good lumber support during long operating hours. It is also highly adjustable so that you can always find the right position for your height.

The fuel tank on this lawn mower is massive, with a capacity to hold 45.4 liters (12 US gallons) of diesel, which will give you many continuous operating hours before you need to refill it. The roll bar (ROPS) that comes with the John Deere 997 is foldable so that you can store the lawn mower is low ceiling sheds (just make sure to put it back upright every time you use it!). If the JD 997 is not your cup of tea and you are looking for other models then take a look at the John Deere 1435 or the John Deere 1445 front mowers.

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