John Deere 995 Rotary Platform

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The John Deere 995 rotary platform has many advantages when compared to other competitors’ rotary platforms. This 16 foot wide cutting platform is actually built specifically for the John Deere 4995 Windrower. Most farmers are very satisfied with the JD 955 as the cutterbar works at a very flat angle which reduces the amount of time that you spend in the field and allows you to cut very close to the ground. It can cut as close as 2.25 inches above the ground when operating at a flat angle, but when it’s angled it’s height can be reduced to just 0.6 inches from the ground. The cutterbar is adjustable by up to 8 degrees while in motion which allows the operator to adjust it for varying field conditions.

The John Deere 995 rotary platform is powered by a 152 hp hydraulic motor operating at a pressure of 6000 pounds per square inch, allow the 995 to operate in even very tough conditions. Many people are very fond of the JD 995 as it is so easy to maintain. Each cutting module is completely separate from the ones beside it. This means that they can be quickly and easily replaced without having to adjust the other modules. On top of this, they are also made from high strength, nodular iron which means that as long as they aren’t abused, they will last a very long time indeed.

All cutting modules are held in place by just 7 bolts which means that when it comes time to service them, they can be quickly removed.

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