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There are three very different and distinct John Deere 850’s. The first JD 850 and the one that this article is mostly concentrated on is the JD 850 compact farm tractor that was produced by John Deere over a very long period from 1978 until 1989. But before you get information on this farm tractor model, please bear in mind that there is also 2 other popular 850’s in the current John Deere line up. The first is the John Deere Gator XUV 850 D 4×4. This is obviously from John Deere’s Gator range and boasts a powerful 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel engine pumping out nearly 27 hp which gives it a top speed of 30 mph. This can be very useful if you operate on a very large farm and need to cover vast distances. It comes with many of the signature finishes that people have come to know and love from John Deere’s Gator range of utility vehicles.

The second is the John Deere 850 J. This is a large commercial crawler dozer packing a 200 hp, turbo charged, 6 cylinder John Deere PowerTech diesel engine. It weighs up to 20,445 kg (45,075 lbs) when fully operational and it’s blade can span up to 4.27 m (168 inches). This is something that you are very unlikely to find in a farm setting.

So you probably wondering a bit about the John Deere 850 compact tractor. Well, you can probably already tell that it was quite a popular model as it had such a long manufacturing run. It had a wheelbase of 1.62m and was quite light when fully operational, weighing in at 1088 kg (2400 lbs). Due to the fact that this is quite a light tractor, it’s engine it also quite small. The 3 cylinder, 1.3 liter Yanmar gives a power output of only 22h hp while requiring just under 6 liters of of coolant for it’s liquid cooling system. Due to it’s small size, the JD 850 originally came with only a roll bar and no cab, which often made operating it in winter quite tough.

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